Electric pressure cooker buying guide
A pressure cooker has many benefits

Faster cooking of stews, soups, risottos and some desserts, with a more intense flavour as less cooking time retains the taste better. Pressure cookers work in stages. First the food boils without pressure, pushing air out of valve. Once pressure builds the pressure safety pin locks lid closed. Trapped steam builds pressure until desired setting reached and then the food starts cooking.

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Features of the pressure cooker explained

Digital thermostat- Automatically heats to and maintains correct temperature

Push-button controls- For ease of use

Programmed temperature settings - Low, Medium and High Pressure

Settings to prepare meat before pressure cooking - Browning, Simmer, Saute, Reheat

Keep Warm setting - Activates when food is cooked to keep food at edible temperature without overcooking

LED countdown display - Lets you monitor cooking time remaining

Overheat protection & safety systems - Important for safety when removing food

Pre-programmed recipes - Step by Step instructions to prepare recipes directly into pressure cooker

Delayed start - Lets you prepare the meal and set to start cooking whenever you want.

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