Carving Knives and sets

Carving Knives and sets buying guide

Carving Knife Characteristics:

Looks like:

Long blade with sharp edge and pointed tip.

Used for:

Slicing fine pieces of meat from a large joint. such as shoulder or leg.

Carving Trays

A carving tray uses spikes to keep the meat still as you slice and a ridge to collect juices from the meat.

Carving Fork

The long handle and extra long tines of the carving fork allow you to hold the meat steady as you slice.

Carving Sets

The combination of knife, fork and tray are sold together as a set and make excellent presents for wedding or anniversary presents. These three items, along with a honer, are essential for the kitchen and those who love cooking.

How to Use:

  • Place the meat on the carving tray and secure with your carving fork.
  • Starting with the middle of the blade, slice meat following the grain.
  • Remove slices with the fork.

Global Carving Knives

Made from:

Ice tempered, hardened steel.
Stainless steel is made by combining chromium with steel to make the resulting metal rust resistant. The chromium, however, makes the edges dull more quickly so the stainless steel is hardened to create a durable blade. Ice tempering consists of heating steel to achieve optimal hardening and then cooling it rapidly to preserve the hardness.

Handle Materials:

Our carving knives have handles made from Wood, Polypropylene, Steel and Plastic.


  • Wood is attractive and has a natural, warm feel to it.
  • Hardwoods such as Rosewood and Olive wood are generally used for durability.
  • Wooden handles are sealed and riveted.

Do not immerse your wooden handles in water as they can expand and crack.


  • Polypropylene is a very hard, manufactured material that is impervious to water and very durable.
  • Polypropylene handles are riveted together.


  • Asian knives use one piece of steel to create the knife and handle.
  • The steel is generally textured for a secure grip.
  • The full steel construction creates very strong leverage.


  • Plastic handles are generally glued together and provide a lightweight handle for smaller cutting tasks such as preparing vegetables.
  • Plastic handles provide a more economic knife and are excellent for taking out of the kitchen when camping or on picnics.

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Victorinox Cook's Carving Knife 19cm Black Image 1
Victorinox Cook's Carving Knife 19cm Black Image 1
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Victorinox Cook's Carving Knife 25cm Black Image 1


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