Cake recipes essential equipment guide

Cake recipes essential equipment guide from Kitchen Warehouse

So you plan to bake an amazing birthday cake for that someone special - and you want to know that you can find all the essential cake making equipment in your cupboard. Kitchen Warehouse are here to help with this easy guide to cake making essentials. Order online or use Click and Collect to set up your Cake Baking Kit now.

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  • Measuring cups, measuring spoons & kitchen scales - Baking relies on the laws of science, so measuring accurately can make or break your cake. To ensure a delicious, perfectly baked cake you need accurate measuring tools. Measuring tips: To use your measuring cups and spoons, fill to the top and smooth dry ingredients off with a knife. Scales should always read 0 before adding ingredients.

  • Sifter or strainer - This ensures your dry ingredients are smoothly blended and are lump free. The ingredients will not react together if they are not blended well.

  • Mixing bowls - Your essential Cake Baking kit should have a small, medium and large bowl for beating eggs, sifting dry ingredients and mixing all the ingredients together. A bowl with a wide bottom and high sides is best for mixing cake ingredients effectively. One of the bowls should be heat proof for melting ingredients such as chocolate, if you prefer not to use a microwave.

  • Wooden spoon - A wooden spoon has the leverage and solidness to make an effective tool to mix your cake ingredients.

  • Spatula - A spatula is essential to ensure a smooth blend by getting all the mixture off the sides and bottom of the bowl and into the cake pan.

  • Whisk - Whisks are helpful for blending liquid ingredients into dry ingredients lump free, and can also beat eggs.

  • Egg beater - The whites and yolk of the egg need to be fully blended for the emulsion process to work. A whisk or egg-beater will do the job most effectively.

  • Cake Tin - A 20cm round cake tin will be suitable for most recipes. Add to your repertoire with several pans of different deepness and diameter. See the Kitchen Warehouse guide to cake pans to help you choose.

  • Timer - As soon as you put your cake in the oven set the timer. Set it 5 minutes under the specified time to allow for vagaries in the oven. When the timer goes off check your cake with a tester. If the tester comes out clean the cake is ready. Other signs are the cake coming away at the sides of the pan.

  • Cooling rack - When you remove your cake from the oven, place it directly on the cooling rack for a few minutes before removing.


Purchase what you need to bake the best birthday cake ever at a price to suit your budget, from Kitchen Warehouse online now, or in a store near you at your convenience.