Magimix Power Blender

Magimix Power Blender

The Magimix Power Blender is a high performance blender that offers a range of speeds and settings for precise control, making it ideal for everything from smoothies and soups to crushed ice.

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Magimix Power Blenders: The ultimate kitchen companion

Magimix Power Blenders offer the perfect blend of high performance, durability, and versatility for your kitchen needs. They come in various sizes and colours, including the 1.2L Power 3 for smaller households and the robust 1.8L Power 4, catering to larger families or those who love to entertain. With their strong motors and advanced blending technology, these blenders handle everything from smoothies and soups to sauces and frozen desserts

Top features to consider when buying a Magimix Power Blender

  • Powerful motor: Engineered with robust motors to blend everything from nuts to ice.
  • Versatile programs: Automated programs for ice crushing, smoothies, soups and frozen treats.
  • Multiple speeds: Variable speeds to blend or puree with precision.
  • Durable materials: Strong borosilicate glass jugs for superior heat resistance and longevity.
  • Easy cleaning: Detachable components make cleaning a breeze.
  • Accessory compatibility: Blend cups and mill attachments add to the blender’s flexibility.

Top benefits of Magimix Power Blenders

  • Exceptional performance: Crush ice, blend smoothies, and purée soups effortlessly.
  • Durability: Borosilicate glass ensures longevity and resists thermal shocks.
  • Healthy lifestyle: Create nutritious smoothies, baby food and sauces at home.
  • Versatility: Seamlessly switch between automated programmes for various recipes.
  • Ease of use: Clear controls and preset functions simplify blending.

What can you make with a Magimix Power Blender?

  • Smoothies: Mix your favourite fruits, vegetables, and superfoods into healthy blends.
  • Soups: Prepare hearty or creamy soups with consistent texture.
  • Frozen desserts: Crush ice and frozen fruit for refreshing treats.
  • Purees and sauces: Achieve smooth purees or rich sauces easily.
  • Nut butters: Make fresh nut butters with powerful blades and a strong motor.

Complementary accessories

  • Magimix Blender Kit: Contains a mill attachment and blend cups for grinding spices and sauces.
  • Blend cups: Extra cups to take your smoothies on the go.
  • Additional jugs: Extra jugs for convenience when blending in large quantities.
  • Spatulas: Ensure no drop of your blend is left behind.
  • Cleaning brushes: Make jug maintenance quick and easy.


Are Magimix blenders good for making frozen desserts?

Yes, Magimix blenders come with powerful motors and automated programs specifically designed for crushing ice and blending frozen fruits. They are ideal for preparing frozen desserts and smoothies.

What can I blend with the Magimix Blender Kit?

The Magimix Blender Kit includes a mill attachment and blend cups, perfect for grinding spices, making purees, baby food and sauces.

How do I clean the blender jug?

The jug is made from borosilicate glass and is dishwasher safe. Alternatively, you can rinse with warm, soapy water and use a brush to clean hard to reach areas.

Is the blender suitable for hot liquids?

Yes, borosilicate glass is resistant to thermal shock and suitable for blending hot soups and sauces.

What is the benefit of variable speeds?

Variable speeds give you precise control over blending consistency, whether you're making a smooth purée or chunky salsa.

Can I blend directly into travel cups?

Yes, the Magimix blend cups let you blend and transport your drinks easily without extra steps.

Magimix Power Blenders combine power, durability, and innovative features to deliver outstanding blending performance for all your culinary needs. Their versatile programs, high quality glass jugs, and complementary accessories make them a must-have for any kitchen. Explore the range at Kitchen Warehouse and find the perfect model to transform your cooking experience.