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Frank Green

Australian owned and operated, Frank Green has quickly grown from humble beginnings in Melbourne to become a sustainable empire that’s taking the world by storm. Initially founded to tackle the plight of single use coffee cups, the Frank Green collection of reusable, sustainably made items is now vast, ranging from homewares to pet accessories, and of course, the trademark drink bottle that has risen to TikTok fame. At Kitchen Warehouse, we are delighted to offer a selection of Frank Green products from drink bottles to reusable cups and all the fun accessories and lids to match, to bolster the brand’s mission of creating a cleaner world.

Iconic insulation

When purchasing a reusable coffee cup or drink bottle, you want to know that it will last. Frank Green drinkware is carefully built with multiple insulated layers to ensure your beverages stay hot or cold for hours on end. When you shop Frank Green, you’re choosing a reliable solution that’s been mindfully made to cancel out single use plastics. Plus, when it’s reached the end of its tenure, your drinkware can be fully recycled. How impressive is that?!

The ceramic range of drinkware has every sipping situation covered. The main materials of the triple walled design are both durable and useful for whichever refreshment you’re carting around:

  • Ceramic lining: Eliminates the nasty metallic flavour that other metal drink bottles can produce.
  • Stainless steel: Two layers of stainless steel, combined with vacuum insulation maintains the temperature of your drink, hot or cold.
  • Acrylic acid and amino resin: The outer layer features the brand’s signature non-slip grip and can be found in a range of eye-catching colours including gradient colour patterns.

Perfectly spill proof

We all want to do our bit to create a sustainable society, and reusable items are often the first point of call. However, it can be difficult to fully commit to reusable items like coffee cups or drink bottles when they’re prone to leaking or breaking. Frank Green’s award winning constructions are unique and enlist Australian design and manufacturing techniques to ensure you can use their products time and time again. All Frank Green drink bottles are spill safe and leak resistant with an easy to use inbuilt straw, while the coffee cups feature a patented push button lid that is also spill proof and leak resistant. Plus, the ceramic range features a base that is made to be unbreakable, so you don’t need to worry if your drinkware drops on the ground.

Choose your size

Whether you fancy a large iced latte or a long mac topped up, there are a range of sizes available in the Frank Green drinkware range. Consider these options when looking to buy a bottle or cup to suit your reusable needs:

  • 740ml (25oz) drink bottle
  • 1L (34oz) drink bottle
  • 2L (68oz) drink bottle
  • 295ml (10oz) coffee cup
  • 340ml (12oz) coffee cup

Don’t forget the look

Of course, when you’re on the go, a reusable bottle quickly becomes a fashion accessory. Offering an abundance of colourful cups, Frank Green gets it. Are you into bright and bold? Or pretty pastels? Gradients? Maybe you’re shopping for a gift and want a neutral option. If you really can’t decide, why not mix and match between different shades of the cup and lids to create a custom multi coloured piece? Utilise the silicone strap to attach your water bottle to your backpack when travelling, or show off your reusable coffee mug around the office to truly impress. The slick, signature look of a Frank Green piece is, in a word, iconic.

What’s better than a sustainable gift?

The reusable nature of Frank Green drinkware means each piece can match any person’s lifestyle. If you work from home, maybe a trip to the local café with your Frank Green reusable cup is the ideal way to start your day. School kids and uni students will appreciate the durability of the drink bottles with a smash proof base and easy to use reusable straw. These pieces also make a perfect Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, because everyone needs an element of sustainability in their life. Tea drinkers haven’t been forgotten either, thanks to Frank Green tea infusers and storage containers that take tea on the road.

Collect them all

Reusable drinkware is just the beginning! Browse the range and become a more conscious consumer:

  • Reusable bottles and lids
  • Reusable cups and lids
  • Utensil sets
  • Coffee and tea accessories
  • Gifts

Shop the super cute, totally transportable Frank Green range at Kitchen Warehouse, either online or in-store. Whether you’re buying for yourself or if you’re gift giving, there’s something for everyone.


Are Frank Green bottles insulated?

All Frank Green cups and bottles are insulated to keep your hot and cold beverages at an ideal temperature for an extended period of time. The ceramic range includes a triple walled construction and vacuum insulation to do so. The original coffee cup is double walled with a Tritan™ inner layer and non-slip grip outer layer. All cups and bottles are made to be spill proof and leak resistant, with an odour resistant inner lining for a pleasant drinking experience.

What if I don’t drink coffee?

The Frank Green range is extensive. The reusable coffee cups are versatile and cater to any lifestyle or drink order, hot or cold. Whether you’re running errands or stuck in a long meeting, the temperature of your drink will be maintained in a Frank Green cup. If you’re not keen to take your tea or hot chocolate on the road, consider a reusable water bottle instead.

Are Frank Green products dishwasher safe?

Some lids and bases of the drink bottles and reusable mugs are dishwasher safe, while others are hand wash only. It depends on the materials used in the construction, so it’s important to double check the conditions for your individual piece. Either way, make sure you wash your cup or bottle after each use.

Why is Frank Green so popular?

The million dollar question! Frank Green water bottles and reusable cups have developed somewhat of a cult following from people looking for sustainable, reusable hydration products and those looking for cute, colourful products that enable you to have a bit of fun by mixing and matching the lids, bases and accessories. Plus, they are highly durable with premium insulation properties, so they are not only fashionable, but they also do what they say they will!

Is Frank Green an Australian business?

Yes, Frank Green was launched in 2013 by founder Benjamin Young as a way to reduce the use of single-use plastic cups and bottles and many of their products are made in Australia, with some components manufactured in China.

How long does a Frank Green water bottle last?

Constructed from robust and resilient stainless steel, Frank Green water bottles are designed to endure accidental drops, falls and bumps. Their indestructible base ensures years of repeated use, providing you with the assurance that your bottle will continuously accompany you through your daily adventures.

Can I put my Frank Green in the freezer?

They are freezer safe if you remove the lid, as the contents will not freeze otherwise due to the insulation.