Essteele Per Salute
Essteele Per Salute
Essteele Per Salute
Diamond reinforced non-stick

Essteele Per Salute

A unique fusion of diamond-hard non-stick durability with innovative Thermotech™ handle technology. Essteele Per Salute combines convenience and solution-driven features into beautiful Italian made cookware.

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Essteele Per Salute blends the resilience of diamond-hard non-stick surfaces with cutting edge Thermotech™ handle technology. This Italian made cookware marries convenience with innovative features, creating a beautiful, solution oriented addition to any kitchen.

  • Unique non-stick coating: The standout feature of the Per Salute range is its unique diamond-hard, non-stick coating, made from real diamonds. This offers incredible durability and excellent heat conductivity, ideal for everyday cooking.
  • Thermotech™ handle indicator: A patented feature in this range is the Thermotech™ handle, which turns green to signal when the pan has reached the optimal temperature for cooking. This is especially useful for those new to cooking.
  • Construction and design: The Per Salute cookware features a heavy duty aluminium body with a stainless steel induction base. This allows for quick and even heat distribution. The Italian engineered seven layer construction enhances the cookware's durability and resistance to abrasion.
  • Oven safe: These cookware items are oven safe up to 180°C.
  • Eco-friendly: Free from PFOA and nickel, the Per Salute range is an environmentally conscious choice, ensuring safe cooking.
  • Range of products: The Per Salute range includes a variety of cookware, such as non-stick skillets, sauteuse and woks. This allows you to choose the right cookware for different types of dishes.
  • Ease of cleaning: Due to its non-stick surface, the cookware is easy to clean, either by hand washing or in the dishwasher.
  • Durability: The diamond reinforcement of the non-stick surface ensures long lasting use, making the cookware a worthwhile investment.
  • Aesthetic appeal: The Per Salute range is designed to not only perform well but also to complement your kitchen aesthetics with its stylish design.
  • Suitability for different stovetops: The cookware is suitable for use on all stovetops, including induction.


What makes the Per Salute range unique?

The Per Salute range features a unique diamond-hard non-stick coating made from real diamonds, offering exceptional durability and heat conductivity. It also includes the Thermotech™ handle indicator which turns green when the pan reaches the optimal cooking temperature.

Is Per Salute cookware induction compatible?

Yes, the Per Salute range is suitable for all stovetops, including induction, thanks to its stainless steel induction base.

Can I put Per Salute cookware in the oven?

Yes, Per Salute cookware is oven safe up to 180°C.

How should I clean my Per Salute cookware?

Per Salute is dishwasher safe but we recommend hand washing with a mild detergent to preserve the non-stick cooking surface.

What types of cookware are included in the Per Salute range?

The range includes various items like non-stick skillets, sauteuse, saucepans, grill pans, woks and cookware sets, catering to different cooking needs.

Is the non-stick surface safe and free from harmful chemicals?

Yes, the Per Salute range is free from PFOA and nickel, making it a safer, eco-friendly cooking option.

How durable is the Per Salute range compared to other non-stick cookware?

The diamond reinforcement of the non-stick coating makes it significantly more durable than regular non-stick surfaces. Per Salute also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Are there different sizes available in the Per Salute range?

Yes, the Per Salute cookware comes in various sizes to suit different cooking requirements and households.

Is the Per Salute range suitable for professional use?

Yes, its durability, versatility, and innovative features make it suitable for both home and professional use.