Ice cream makers

Create your own delicious treats using an ice cream maker for our range of easy to use machines, including options with a compressor. Whether you love frozen yoghurt, soft serve, gelato or fruit-flavoured sorbet, we have a machine to suit your needs.

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Make the best homemade ice cream with our ice cream makers

Australia is the ideal place to experiment with ice cream making. Our long hot summers and short winters mean that your ice cream maker is guaranteed to get a workout. At Kitchen Warehouse, we take our gelato makers seriously and stock some of the most popular machines on the market including the Cuisinart ice cream maker, Breville Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker and the Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker.

Scoop the best gelato with ice cream makers

The best gelato is undoubtedly homemade. Not only is it fresh and creamy, but you get to control exactly what goes in. Make it as healthy or indulgent as you like! With one of the popular machines on hand you will come to appreciate the difference:

Consider the Kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment if you have a Kitchenaid stand mixer on the countertop. Simply slide the drive assembly and dasher attachments into the hub to transfer the power of your stand mixer to your frozen bowl. Create soft-consistency ice cream in under 30 minutes.

From sorbet to gelato, make the best ice creams at home

The best thing about homemade sorbet and gelato is that it is preservative-free. Freshly made ice cream is smoother and tastes fresher. And because you choose the ingredients, you can make ice cream exactly how you like it with unique flavour combinations.

Make a vegan dessert with coconut milk, cashew milk or oat milk. In fact, any non-dairy milk can be used in an ice cream maker. Alternatively, you can use your leftover fruits to create a soothing sorbet or slushy.

Churn your favourite flavours with homemade ice cream maker machines

Excellent ice cream requires a quality machine. At Kitchen Warehouse, you can find the best ice cream maker to bring your creative ideas to life. Master classics like pistachio, coffee, hazelnut gelato or cooling lemon or passionfruit sorbet. Then move onto tiramisu, dulce de leche and stracciatella. Make some in advance to surprise your dinner guests with a delicious homemade ice cream bowl at the end of the evening.

Cleaning and maintaining your ice cream maker

Cleaning your ice cream maker is as simple as handwashing the removable parts and giving the machine a quick wipedown. Some mixing bowls are dishwasher safe, but we recommend checking the manufacturer’s care instructions first.

Create delicious desserts with the ice cream maker

Experiment with the various hardness settings on your machine to create all kinds of frozen desserts like gelato, sorbets, soft serve, parfaits, frozen yoghurt and more. Use alongside waffle makers, blenders or deep fryers to see how much of a difference freshly prepared ice cream makes on top of your favourite dessert. You can even try making a cake with an ice cream base!

Electric ice cream maker and frozen yoghurt maker

Can’t decide between ice cream and frozen yogurt? Make ice cold frozen treats using the Cuisinart Ice Cream & Frozen Yoghurt Maker. A top pick by ice cream enthusiasts, this heavy-duty device is easy to operate and maintain. With a two litre capacity freezer bowl, you can make batches of ice cream that the whole family will adore. Enjoy perfect frozen treats in as little as 25 minutes.

And there’s no need to worry about how it matches with your cookware and appliances. The brushed stainless steel design has maximum countertop appeal and will look sleek on your kitchen bench.

Create soft serve ice cream at home with ice cream makers

You can use ice cream makers to create a variety of frozen desserts. For a healthy option, consider the Yonanas frozen dessert maker, which enables you to make fruit-based, vegan and dairy free desserts. This popular soft serve device turns frozen fruit into a healthy ice cream-style treat.

From yoghurt to cheese, there‘s a machine to create all your favourite treats

Make homemade yoghurt or cheese with an easy-to-use fermenting machine. With the Davis & Waddell 2-in-1 Yoghurt Maker/Fermenter, you can make healthy homemade treats at the touch of a button. Create fresh yoghurt, cheese, and pickled or fermented vegetables. With a compact design, this handy machine is perfect for a small kitchen.

Invent a new flavour with your ice cream machine

Follow the ice cream recipes in your booklet or get creative and see what interesting new flavours you can come up with. Gradually add ingredients through the spout or side door and watch your progress from above. The whole family will want to get involved.


What are the benefits of an ice cream maker? The best thing about an ice cream maker is that you can create healthier, preservative-free versions of your favourite frozen desserts. Make the most of your fresh ingredients and tailor the flavours to your liking.

Is it worth buying an ice cream maker? These inexpensive and versatile machines create much tastier desserts than the tubs that you pick up in supermarkets. Impress your guests with homemade ice cream, gelato, yoghurt, soft serve, cheese or slushies.