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The Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press is the most efficient way to crush garlic without the mess. Simply place the garlic in, skins included, and press. The Garlic Press gives you garlic pulp and juice, leaving the unwanted parts in the hopper. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, 5 year warranty.


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Great garlic press until the face fell off
We loved this garlic press - we were able to mince with the garlic skin on. Over a year of using it regularly, the coating started to flake off (we always washed it by hand). The face of our garlic press fell when I placed a larger bulb garlic in the press (snug fit) - it was a very sad day and now we're looking for the perfect garlic press...




Great addition to my kitchen kit
Only had this press for a few weeks but it has been fantastic. No need to peel the garlic and it gets heaps of garlic from each clove. It's really easy to clean using the plastic cleaner. I note the negative feedback about the surface of the press coming off. I haven't noticed this yet, so I hope this issue has been resolved by the manufacturer.




Great press
I have had my zyliss for several years and it works well. The only issue is don't put it in the dishwasher ,!! It corrodes the metal and like other users have said you end up with black garlic.


South Australia


It's a ripper
I love this garlic press. I bought one years ago (which is now in our camping kit) and have just bought my second. It's great




Crushes garlic perfectly, solid and sturdy, and possibly most importantly with a tool like this - it is so easy to clean! Run it under water while the garlic is still moist and it's very easy to remove the waste, just don't leave it for the next day, dried crushed garlic is a pain! I haven't had any issues with the coating and I've had mine for about a year and a half.




Metallic Composition
The Zyliss has been an excellent press to date but over time, the metallic surface has deteriorated to such an extent, it now leaves black smudges on the crushed garlic. Does the alloy used in its construction contain lead or aluminium? I have not been able to find any information on its composition. Can anyone help?




Flakey garlic press
Ok so I've owned this garlic press for some time now and the coating on it is flaking off so much so that it's beginning to colour the juice of the garlic when I press it out! So now I'm getting a nice proper metal one with no coating. Buyer Beware: it does the job initially but replace it with a better metal one before it starts to flake.




looks great
What metal is it made from? Hoping that it is not aluminuin. Please respond. Regards a happy customer.

Sientje Coridas

Buxton. Vic.


Garlic press
Hi, the overall construction is robust and the mechanical action with this design allows for relatively easy crushing. HOWEVER, the silver finish coating has started to peel off in chunks potentially ending up in your food... it has never been used other then advised and has never been in a dishwasher

Andrei Duta

Shenton Park


Garlic Wizard
This garlic press is fantastic. No more sticky fingers trying to peel the cloves - presses it so fine it is amazing.

Kathy Gleich



Jumbo Garlic Press
Love this Garlic Press, ease of use and gets all the garlic pressed, comes with handy plastic cleaner to get all the holes clean too




13 years and still going strong
Had to comment as my own experience is so different to the previous reviewer. This is the best garlic crusher I've ever used. Ours is now 13 years old and looks new. Very easy to clean, very effective, simple to store and great to hold.




Broke in less than a year...
We were given this as a wedding present, and loved it. Used it every day, until today, when the face snapped off. Very sad...


Nashua, NSW


Why didn't we buy this ages ago?!
We should have bought this ages ago as we use garlic in most of the things we cook. This garlic press is great - very well made and seems very strong. It is also very easy to clean and comes with a handy plastic thingy which gets all the little pieces of garlic out of the holes in the press. We have used it for both large and small cloves of garlic and it is great with both. Well worth buying.


Perth, WA


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