Swiss Diamond Classic Frypan 28cm

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Every cook longs for a truly non-stick, oil free frying pan, and the 28cm Swiss Diamond model delivers the solution. Named the "Rolls Royce" of non-stick frying pans by The Wall Street Journal, the superior technology used to develop this revolutionary coating has harnessed the natural properties of diamonds, the hardest material known to man. The diamond crystals form an indestructible non-stick coating that will not crack, blister or peel and the surface is metal utensil safe. True non-stick cooking that you can trust is here to stay.


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best every frypan
I bought myself many brands of cheaper frypans until i was given this one i will have no other. It gets used at least once everyday. The base stays nice and flat, it uses very little oil and cooks evenly - definitely worth the money. I only bought a 2nd one because we have 5 kids and they all want omelet every morning!!




First, the delivery - arrived promptly. Second, the packaging - sturdy cardboard box, inside had airbags that prevented any movement (important as I bought the glass lid as well as the frying pan). Thirdly, and most important, does it work? Absolutely yes. Brilliant - the best non-stick pan I have ever bought. It has passed the omelette test without the need for any oil, fried chicken no problems. I rate it very highly. Not even expensive when you consider it is likely to last much longer than any of the other frying pans I have bought over the years.


Queanbeyan NSW


Love it
Love this new addition to our kitchen essentials. Light & easy to manage. It has been in use everyday since it arrived. My apprentice chef son even approves! Service from kitchenware direct was prompt & efficient. Highly recommended


Newport, NSW


Love it!
Fried an egg with a bare dash of oil (left over from frying a veggie pattie - we're talking two or three drops): perfect result! It didn't stick! I'm beyond thrilled. Definitely going to slowly start switching all my pans to Swiss Diamond - well worth it, I think.


Perth, Australia


28cm SwissDiamond Frypan
I have several of these pans myself and I love the quality so I now give them as gifts to family members. I recommend them to anyone as value for money. Quality remains long after price is forgotten !


Dalby, Qld


Finally!!!! I got to use it!!!!
I love this pan. Sears very well, even temperature, durable, easy to clean and tough as nails!!!! Have not had anything stick to it yet and eggs glide off!! The only improvement would be a comfier handle (like Anolon's soft suregrips). A pan I can trust my family to use and not ruin. I have had it now for nearly three years and it is still like new. I would definitely recommend this brand and can't wait to have an excuse to buy some more. Thanks KWD for the service and great prices.


Phillip Island


Swiss Diamond Frypan 28cm
I just love Swiss Diamond. Easy to cook with and cleaning is a breeze. Highly recommend.


Knox Victoria


Pleasure to use
I am 65 years old and have always bought cheap non-stick pans. I wish I had spent the extra money earlier as this pan cooks evenly all over and stays flat on the stove, never letting anything stick. I bought the lid too, to stop spattering which works well too. Love it!!

Di Rich

East Gippsland, Vic.


Swiss Diamond Frypan
Have been using this pan and can recommend it as very easy to cook with and very easy to clean up afterwards. Love it so much have ordered two more as Christmas gifts!! Hoping this is the last 'non-stick' pan I will have to purchase. Looking good so far!!!

Jan H



Gteat frypan
I have tried a few nonstick frypans, but this one is vastly superior to the others. I thoroughly recommend it especially as the price at KitchenwareDirect made it affordable

Dave Brimecombe

Karana Downs Qld


Swiss diamond frypan
Great pan everything just glides no sticking this is No 1 for me

Gabrielle Williamson

Poona QLD


Best Cookware EVER!
Just started using this 28cm Swiss Diamond Frypan today and I can say its a pleasure to cook with. Not only is it actually non-stick as it says, not pretend non-stick but actually non-stick, it makes things taste better... they way they should, without the "non-stick coating" coming off into your food. I am only sorry I didn't know about this brand before I spent $200 plus a year for the last 5 years on pans.... Buy this pan first and you will wonder why people complain about their frypans and will never have to know why.

A Watt

Melbourne VIC


So very happy with this pan
My pan arrived today and have just cooked potato wedges and I am so impressed and have decided to purchase the 32cm pan when it is in stock once again. Am totally sold on this product. Wish I discovered this brand earlier in my life!

Marianne Maslin

Kedron, Brisbane


Brilliant Non Stick Pan
I love the Swiss Diamond Range. It is what it says - non stick, even heat, at lower heat range. Just fantastic to get a product that satisfies your requirements.

Kim Houston



Fantastic frypan!
This frypan is great - cooks evenly, unbelievably non stick! Don't look anywhere else, you want Swiss Diamond!

Sam Jacobs

Geelong, Victoria


best pan i have ever bought
great design works great just love it

jeffery faul



Amazing Pans
These are excellent products. Prior to my purchase of these producst I burnt nearly everything or the meat, vegies, etc stuck to the the bottom of the pan. To clean them I have to soak them overnight then scrub them the next day. With Swiss Diamond pans you just wipe them clean and you can dry fry and no more burnt or stuck foods. Should have bought them years ago. Thank you so much at least I am a half decent cook now.




Best non stick frypan ever!
This is a dream pan, never sticks, easy to clean, even heat.. Swiss Diamond would be one of the very top brands for frypans I've every used. Fantastic website this is, great items, great prices, fabulous service...thank you KW :-)


Perth, WA


Simply the best
Simple the best frying pan I have ever used in my life. Worth its weight in gold.


Sydney, NSW


Diamonds are forever
They say that Diamonds are a girls best friend and after using this frypan I would have to agree with them.




Swiss Diamond Frypan 28cm
Extremely happy with this frypan. Never sticks, easy to clean. Have since given gift vouchers for them to 2 very happy couples. Would certainly buy Swiss Diamond brand items again.


Gold Coast


The best frypan I have owned
I bought my first Swiss Diamond frypan last year I loved it so much I bought another one a few weeks ago. I had previously owned another well branded pan which didnt last more than 6 months. The Swiss Diamond pan is easy to clean - thooning sticks, is has an even heat andeverything comes out as you would expect. Ilove it and would recomment it over any others. Cant wait to replace the rest of my cookware with more Swidd Diamond




The best - BAR NONE
I'm not a great cook, and I hate it when even fried eggs stick to the pan. This frypan is something else! I now cook perfect eggs and the Mrs loves it too - probably because it's the only way she'll get more diamonds from me....and unlike the one on her finger, this one didn't send me broke! Love it! Getting more soon.


Montmorency, VIC


Swiss Diammond Frypan
This is an excellent frypan. I have tried a lot of brands and this is by far the best. Not one thing sticks and I have been using it for months now. It's even easy for the whole family to use.




Can't wait to use it.
I am the only person in the family who is yet to use this pan. (There is a first time for everything). Even more amazing - I have not had to clean it either (usually I am left with mess to clean up regardless of who has cooked). On the basis of this, I can say that it must be easy to use and clean and gives great results as some of the users aren't even novice level cooks and they are voluntarily cooking! Must be easy to clean because I find it left drying and it is spotless. I can't wait to use it...if I can get my hands on it.


Cape Woolamai


I LOVE these frying pans!!!
The Swiss Diamond frying pans are the absolute BEST frying pans I have ever cooked with. I was a bit scared to use them, considering their price, but WOW. The food just glides off of them. I often leave things stuck to it overnight, then cringe at the sight the following day when I go to clean it. But I am yet to have a problem. I just wipe it out with some dishwashing liquid and a soft cloth, and they are like new within seconds. I haven't had to use any elbow grease yet!

Alecia Scott

Ipswich, QLD


Final stop - Swiss Diamond
I bought the frypan set and have never doubted the money outlaid was well worth it. It is by far the best brand for frypans I have come across. I loved them so much my mother received a set from me for her birthday.




28cm Swiss Diamond Frypan
I bought this frypan with a voucher that I had been given. It is the best frypan I have ever owned, and I couldn't be happy with my gift. No sticking, and no need for extremely high heat.


Gold Coast


28cm Swiss Diamond Frypan
I was so pleased with my 20cm frypan that I purchased a 28cm, what wonderful products they are and such a pleasure to use them.

Adele Harris

Townsville Qld.


swiss diamond
Fantastic the best I have ever had .My daughter bought one and loved it so I decided to get one. Delivery was prompt and price was great, thanks.




I purchased this on the recommendation of a girlfriend, and its fantastic. Just have to remember NOT to cook on a high heat. I'm probably just sorry I didn't get the bigger size (to feed the hungry hoards)!!


Red Cliffs


What a pan!
First time I've tried the Swiss Diamond pans & so far I am extremely impressed. I used to hate 'non-stick pans' as they've always ended up sticking even though you follow their directions. This, so far is one of the best purchases I've got for my kitchen. Highly recommend it to anyone :)


Brisbane, Qld


Hooked on Swiss Diamond
I am so glad to have had the opportunity from Kitchenware Direct to discover and now purchase my 2nd piece of Swiss Diamond cookware. I'm hooked on this product and can't tell you enough how good it is. Thank you Kitchenware Direct for advising me of sale items and prompt service.




Love my Swiss Diamond
This is the first SD I have purchased and I absolutely love this pan (I will never ever buy Scanpan nonstick again). Cannot reccommend it highly enough.


Central Qld


Fantastic service and product!!
Another delivery just arrived, fantastic service, love the Swiss diamond frypan. Will be sure to recommend to friends and will tell them only to use Kitchenware direct when making a purchase. Thanks for such great service.




Theres only 1 fry pan :Swiss Diamond:
I have bought every fry pan known to man, from the low to the super high price range, BUT nothing compares or even comes close. All the claims they make far surpass any expectations. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for the best quality fry pan because it delivers every time. I love my fry pan and my whole family are Swiss Diamond Happy. Thank you KWD.

T McKearnen



Swiss Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend!!
After reading so many good reviews about SD frying pans on various websites, I bought the 24 and 28cm pans online here at KWD. Not only were they an excellent price, but so far they have exceeded my expectation. Easy to clean, even heat and easy to lift. I am very aware of not using a high heat, and am diligently hand washing them. I love the fact I can pop them in the oven to finish off certain dishes. I am saving up for more SD products! Thank you.

Miranda Charters

Greenslopes, Brisbane QLD


I love this frypan!!! Food just slides out! Flat base, even temperature, a pleasure to cook in. And not too heavy to lift and pour. All in my house are under strict orders not to use high heat. Very easy to wash up by hand. Fingers crossed the coating holds up. Excellent service from KWD.

M. S.

Perth WA


Love my Swiss Diamond!
This was the first piece of Swiss Diamond we ever purchased. That was 5 years ago now, and we've not purchased other brand since! It is excellent quality with a non-stick coating that doesn't flake and is virtually impossible to scratch. I can't recommend SD highly enough.

Kate Finch

Brisbane QLD


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