Snapware Cookie & Cupcake Carrier

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Snapware Snap 'N Stack Cookie and Cupcake Keeper is perfect for bringing treats to a picnic or party. Durable handle is great for portability and internal trays are reversible for cupcakes or cookies and quarter sheet cakes. Includes 2 reversible inserts. The cup cake carrier has a lifetime warranty.


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Snapware Cupcake Carrier
A very handy item to have around the home. I predominantly use it to store and carry cupcakes for various occasions, but have also been known to carry slices in this. This is the second carrier I have bought in 5 years. I still have my original one, but some of the plastic tabs have snapped (from overuse!). Highly recommend.




A great box
I have waited a while to order this...I love it in fact have purchased some for my daughters for Xmas!!




Works so well.. but is a little flimsy at the connection
I've had my this carrier for almost a year now and it works very well. Cupcakes stay well and the removable trays make it so easy to pull out the food without the mess. However, I find that the plastic connecting the two is a little too flimsy. It has never come undone, but the only time I feel it can safely handle the load is when I'm carrying one tray only that has something light in it. I love the idea, it works great for the large cakes/multiple items, it convenently stores food very well, and is easy to clean. BUT, as the snapware on the sides groan from a cheesecake and I don't feel comfortable holding it without an arm under the second container, I really think this product could do better.


Bathurst, NSW


Has done me proud
I've used this carrier weekly since I purchased it over a year ago. It's never let me down! I've had a few failed carriers, mysteriously separating whilst carrying, but this one is sturdy and secure. My only gripe is that sometimes it's a bit hard to clean around the cupcake grooves.




really handy. good size. easy to store




I love this product! So versatile and convenient to carry cakes and muffins/cupcakes without having to worry about toppling them. And I love how the internal tray can be reversed. How thoughtful too that the side of the internal trays has two finger holes for "catch". The quality is good. Friends have always ask me where to get this and they are envious. I have no regret getting it.



Cupcake crazy
Fantastic product and very handy and easy to use!


Melbourne, Victoria


What a fantastic product. I bought 3 carriers as I needed to make & decorate 60 cup cakes for a wedding. These carriers & the fact that they could all lock together made the entire process so much easier. I was able to decorate 1 tray at a time & then stack the completed cakes.......these will get a great deal of use.


Melbourne, VIC


I made muffins for my daughters christmas show. last year i balances them in boxes and stressed they'd fall. I brought one of these carriers and had no issues, was fantastic storage and carrycase all in one!!!


Yorke Peninsula


Love it
Makes life a lot easier when trying to transport cupcakes around - I'm actually considering buying another one.


Adelaide, SA


cupcake carrier
awesome cupcake carrier, I bought 2! The only issue is that large cupcakes (made in muffin cases) will not fit into the little holders, but that's no problem because you can flip the tray over and use the flat side. If you separate the carriers, one is small enough to fit into a standard fridge. I was a bit concerned about the flimsy clips, but im just careful each time i open the container




Great product
I bought one of these for my aunt and one for my mum, and they both love them! The design is very versatile - you can fit muffins, cupcakes, cakes, biscuits or a combination - and it fits in far more than a standard cake carrier. I might just have to buy one for myself...




I make heeps of cupcakes for school and day care and love that I can noe take 1 carrier instead of lot. It fits heeps in and I love the fact you can add extra carrier trays if needed (need to buy them of course)


Perth, WA


Snapware Cookie & Cupcake Carrier
Best ever cupcake holder! If you bake lots of cupcakes for transporting to schools, playgrounds, parties etc then this is the most amazing container. It easily transports all cupcakes with icing and toppings and you can take them out with ease. I wish I had bought it years ago!




great carrier
great product!




Awesome...except for thin plastic
I've had this carrier for ages and absolutely LOVE it! I always get positive comments on it. Pity the plastic is so thin though as the edge of one of mine cracked off :( I've sticky taped it together, but would love if they made one of sturdier/thicker plastic. I also tie a ribbon around mine when using both together as the clips don't seem strong enough to hold both layers together.




Perfect vesatile carrier
Liked the look af it and already love using it. Various options for assembly mean it will be very versatile. Have ditched my old "big" container




Great for Every Day Use too
I really like this carrier, not only does it make the transport of cupcakes & cakes super easy but I also use it for everyday use at home, that way the kids can See there is something yummy to eat

Trish Calder

Tom Price


Great cupcake carrier
I have 3 children under 6 so my cupcake carrier really gets a work out!!! Fantastic product...

Priscilla Howard

Hervey Bay


Excellent product
I have two of these, and would be lost without them. Excellent for transporting decorated cupcakes without fear of them squishing onto each other. Still take it easy when driving round corners though :)

Conor M

Perth WA


Love this carrier!
This is the best cupcake and cake carrier that I've ever used. Each time I take it to work full of cupcakes, the carrier gets nearly as many comments as the cupcakes! The carrier is higher than other carriers I've tried, so highly piled frosting doesn't smudge. An outstanding product.

Sas Jacobs



Looked good, then it cracked
What a great idea, perfectly sized for cupcakes, slices and rectangular cakes. I love how the two parts can be separated and you can use one or the other. Only problem is, I used it once and have now noticed that the plastic on the lid has cracked! I think I can still use it, but I am upset. I don't remember putting anything heavy on it. The lid should be stronger.




Super easy to transport baked items
This was a spur of the moment purchase but it has been one of the best purchases made in a long time. It is so convenient to carry all your baked goods in one container and not just cupcakes. Flip the tray over and carry biscuits, appetisers, canapes for the work morning tea! Would recommend this product!!

Kristine Hanrahan



Great Item
i love it, best cupcake/muffin storage container ever, Don't know how i ever managed without it.

kim stephens



Absolutely perfect carrier
I'm really happy with this snapwear carrier. It is absolutely perfect for travelling with cupcakes. Highly recommended!


Whyalla SA


Convenient, versatile and HUGE capacity.
I used this on the weekend to transport 2 batches of cupcakes and a tray of brownies to my family dinner...all 11 of us. This is the first time I haven't had to juggle 2-3 containers or baskets or make 2 separate trips to the car. I admit I had wondered if my spontaneous purchase was wise...but now I know it was one of the best purchases I could have made.


Melbourne, VIC


Best cupcake carrier
Very versatile n durable cupcake carrier made in USA.You can carry 24 cupcakes at ago or separate it to carry only 12 or reverse the trays for cookies/ brownies!

Kwang Ai Chong



Quick and Easy
Such a great item to transport cupcakes , especially with messy or fragile decorations they stay neat and dont slide around into each other. Great Product, highly reccommended!




So Handy
I bought two of these items and they have been so handy and practical.




Fantastic carrier
I love the Snapware carrier which is just perfect when I have to take along some patty cakes, or slices for morning teas at quilting and Church. I am delighted to be able to get so much in it and perfect for travelling.

Joan Robertson

Moree, NSW 2400


Snapware cookie & cupcake carrier
I purchased two when they were on sale, boy i wish i got more! they make the perfect present because for myself i have not found a decent cupcake carrier, this is such great quality! 5 Stars but sorry i'm keeping both to myself...Very spacious and solid structure..

Kiri Stubbs

Karratha, WA


Great Service
The service was brilliant. My cupcake holders arrived just in time to be used for my son's birthday (to take cupcakes to school). Price was fantastic - cheaper online. Thanks.


Perth, WA


A great gift
Bought to give as a Christmas gift and thrilled with the quality and value for money. I am sure the intended recipient will just love it!




Gift for the mum that loves cupcakes
Finally the perfect gift for the mum that is always baking for fetes, parties and school. She was delighted! I teamed the gift with a muffin and cupcake recipe book and the gift was done. Delivered to my work and all I had to do was wrap it. Thank you for making my life so easy




Great product
Love this, has so many uses!! I bought 2, so easy to snap into place and increase your storage/transporting capacity. Want more now!!!


Brisbane, QLD


Snapware cookie & cupcake carrier
A great size for cupcakes, cakes, slices or biscuits. Because they all snap together, no more containers sliding around in the car when transporting. Dont stop at storing food, great for anything that needs storing compactly

Jackie Behan

Pascoe Vale, Victoria


Fantastic product!
I bought two sets of this item cos i was very impressed with the quality of the Snapware Cake carrier I had bought in USA. Im even happier with this purchase cos this cupcake carrier is very versatile. Not only can it carry cupcakes but by flipping the tray inserts, it can also be used to transport cookies/ brownies/sheet cakes/ buns/ croissants...the list is endless!But best thing was i managed to purchase it at only @$30 in Kitchenwaredirect.Thts a real bargain cos its selling for $60 in outside stores.

Susanna C



Compact & Practical
Great price, compact, practical for all baking and was packaged and delivered promptly.


Molong NSW


I bought this carrier as a christmas for my daughter, gift it does look great wish i'd had one when my kids were younger, Just couldn't help feeling a little disgruntled when i saw it reduced in price after i'd bought it

Lyn Callanan



Great product
Great product and best price I have found anywhere in Australia. I now have 12 in total and find them invaluable for carrying food and storing cake decorating supplies.

Anne Tucker

Mona Vale


best thing EVER!!!
I LOVE it! It's the best thing ever. I use it all the time to cart around all the cupcakes I make =)




Saw in-store for $60 - great value container for only $39!!! Was more versatile than I thought - each of the 2 containers can hold a big cake, 12 x cupcakes OR the tray flips over and makes two levels for iced biscuits or slices. Times that by two containers - it fits so much!!!!

Julia A

Shelley WA


Snapware Cookie & Cupcake Carrier
Fantastic storage container for someone who enjoys making cupcakes for kids parties, school fetes and playgroup events. I bought my first one three years ago, now I have two and about 6 friends have just bought one too. Very hard to find in kitchen shops at such a reasonable price. Thanks guys.

Dee Smith

Warralakin, WA


Very Handy
This product is very handy. I bake a lot so I needed somethng that could carry a lot of cupcakes. This does the trick!

Maureen Hall

South Perth, W.A.


Great Product
The best container to carry all my cupcakes and cakes, when I am on the go

Therese Pace

Mackay Queensland


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