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This New Wave Portable Induction Cooker lets you cook anywhere, anytime. Easy to carry around for camping, road trips, picnics and the like, the induction cooker suits 12-22cm induction compatible cookware. Since it doesn't use flames, this cooker is smoke-free, pollution-free, safe and environment-friendly. 10 power levels, temperature settings ranging from 60-240C and a 3-hour cooking timer adds to its efficiency. A free induction compatible pot is included to get you cooking!


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Great at First
I bought one a few years ago and it was really great to begin with. My problems began when a pot on simmer (same problem as km NSW) and the pot boiled over. There is a design fault: the water went into the crack between the hotplate and the controls. It has never been the same since. It now goes from one temperature to another on its own and will turn off in the middle of cooking.




Great for the campsite too
Brilliant little cooktop, boils water in no time, and I love the crispy bacon that it cooks in a couple or so minutes. No noise except for cooling fan. Far superior to gas and other electric forms of cooking.




NewWave portable induction cook pot
Totally impressed with this product. Its fast, clean and efficient. Now considering a buying a another and discontinue using my conventional cook top hotplates.




Excellent service and product
Kitchenware Direct has lived up to my expectations. Having dealt with this company before I continue to be very satisfied with their service. I am very happy too with the induction cooker. The noise is certainly NOT an issue for me. We will be using this while travelling in our caravan. Will make cooking evening meals a breeze. Having an induction cooktop at home I know how great induction cooking is. Thank you Kitchware Direct for your ongoing service.




Would love more of them
Love it. It is the best way of cooking. So fast and love being able to control the temperature. It is the only way to use induction cookware. Wish I could replace my stove top with induction. I like the aspect of it being slightly noisy I know that it is on.




Great product and service
SOOO happy with the great service from Kitchenware Direct, everything from ordering to receiving my fantastic New Wave Induction Cooker. Heats 1 cup of water to boiling in 1min 15seconds, while my gas stove on highest did it in 2min 30 seconds. Great product exactly as described by Kitchenware Direct. Have reccommended this site and product to all my friends




New Wave Portable Induction Cooker Reviews
Great item, should have bought one ages ago. Now all we need is a bigger kitchen. CERTAINLY MAKES COOKING FAST.


Melbourne in the suburbs


Good item
Works well, plenty of heat. very happy with our purchase.

Bruce Leitch

Mt Waverley


So Cool
I love it. To all cooks out there, The handles do pots do not get hot. Big plus in my books. Instant cooking time. Perfect for caravan at Park sites when paying for power. This super invention is the best. Use it indoors and out. Thank you so much.

Glenda Loveday



great item
We Purchased 2 of these cookers and we are thrilled so quick to cook with but also can be turned low enough to slow cook

Janet Stoddard

nanango Queensland


Good first impressions right from opening the box
The cookplate arrived a bit later than I was expecting, but since then, it's been incredibly fast and easy to use. As many other people have said, the fan is loud, but you get used to it. The included pot is also quite obviously not well suited for long cooking times, but other induction cookware is getting easier and cheaper to find. See my unboxing and roadtest video here:

Diana Hope



I purchased this Portable Induction Cooker as I had seen one in use at a coookery demonstration. It is a joy to use, instant heat, cooked a very low and slow casserole which took half the time my slow cooker would have taken. Great product would recommend to anyone.

Lynette McMahon



Bad luck?
After the first use the digital display started mulfunctioning, it does not show full digits so it's hard to see the current settings.. Is it my bad luck or not the best quality of the cooker?




very happy
I have a wood fired stove so wanted something to use as a hot plate when it is not going , this cook top is great , perfect for what I need it for compliments my wood stove beautifully




portable induction cook top
faced with the decision of what kind of cooktop to put into new house, bought this to get some experience with induction cooking. yes, it is very fast bringing things to the boil, but also somewhat noisy. biggest disappointment is the simmer setting (800w) - it alternates bursts of high with no power causing things to boil over (unless you use a tall pot). worthwhile investment though - if only to make up my mind to stick with gas for my next kitchen




Very happy
This is a great cooktop - instant heat/cool, with good temperature range and control. I have a gas cooktop which I love using for many reasons, but for cheesemaking where I need excellent control of temperature, this cooktop is ideal. As for the fan/cooling aspect - while it does sound like a fan, my canopy and ovens are fan-forced and the fans stay on to cool the ovens when turned off also. So I don't find it a problem. And the added bonus for me is that this cooker is streamlined and easy to store when not in use. And the great price and service from Kitchenware Direct makes it even better!




I've purchased this product to use outdoors when the barbie is controlled by the men in the house so as to be able to do stir fried vegetables or other lovely side dishes to accompany the meal the boys are burning umm I mean cooking. I will also use this to do my cooking demonstrations in homes when presenting my business products. A little something on the company who I purchased the product off. Service is alive and well in some business's in Australia and Kitchenware Direct is one of them. Speedy delivery (usually the next day or two following ordering), courteous email to let customer know it's on it's way, etc etc.......Keep up the great work you lot and I'll be back to buy more from your diverse range of products !


Perth Canning Vale


Nuwave Portable Induction Plate
Long have I pondered this innovation and now I have one. Sleek and sexy in design for a start. The cooking.......well, the word is PRECISION. I have never had such instantaneous control over a heat source. Yet it is something to master, much the same as folk experienced with the Microwave, way back when. All in all a great product, well priced, and a new excitement in cooking.......have fun !!




new technology cheap option
Tried this as a temporary measure because the large element on the electric cooktop stopped working and we want to re-do the kitchen so didn't want to have to install a new cooktop at this stage. We've had the New Wave Portable Induction Cooker for a few weeks now and are happy with it's preformance, not too noisy in our kitchen. The delivery was fast and the price is cheap enough to give it a try.

Doug McGregor

Hervey Bay


Simple and awesome
First the bad - it has a fan inside which is pretty loud, although no louder than your average rangehood. Also you have to leave the powerpoint turned on after you finish cooking as it needs to cool itself down - not mentioned in the manual. Also the included pot is rubbish, had burn marks after the first use so we threw it away. Now the good - WOW this thing heats fast! It gets incredibly hot incredibly quickly, and has no problem maintaining the heat at all. Cooked perfect steak for the first time! It's a godsend as a full induction cooktop is just too expensive, and gas isn't available in my apartment. HIGHLY recommended!




New Wave Portable induction cooker
I got one for Christmas, so impressed with it I am purchasing another one which will almost make the stove cook top obselete. As I rent I can't put in a full induction cooktop, this is the next best thing, and I get to take it with me.




Very Noisy
I bought this cooker for its range of digitally controlled temperature, especially for slow cooker but it makes an unbearable noise (similar to kettle heating up but louder). Perhaps it would be OK for quick frying that makes its own noise but for long slow cooking it would be torture to have to listen to it going for hours.

Mary Tang



New Wave Portable induction cooker
Extremely fast heating and cooling of the surface makes this perfect for use in our caravan, as well as at home. It's a breeze to clean..just wipe over and is sleek in design.Lightweight compared to other portable cookers. Economical power use helps electricilty consumption. I love it.

Heather Glyde

campground, Yulara Resort, Central Australia NT


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