KitchenAid Artisan KSM150 Stand Mixer Empire Red

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The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer is every cooks dream and you will be hard pressed to find a peer to this mixing master. Unique planetary mixing action allows the beater to spiral to 67 different points within the bowl so your doughs will be mixed quickly and completely, saving you time and energy for other, more enjoyable, tasks. But of course mixing dough is not the only thing this stand mixer does. Thanks to the trademark hub, you can use various attachments (bought separately), which will turn your mixer into a pasta machine, meat grinder, ice cream machine, vegetable slicer, sausage maker and much more. The mixer comes in a wealth of different colours, so it is guaranteed not only to work hard, but also to look good in any kitchen.


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Great mixer plenty of oomph

Dudley Pannell



Fantastic machine that works well for most applications. would have to recommend not loading it up too much while making bread as I don't think it is quite up to it.




KitchenAid Mixer
I bought myself a Christmas pressy a year ago :-). On first use, I made the lemon tart, the beater was a tad high leaving unmixed mixture in the base of the bowl. This was easily fixed by turning the adjustment screw. Now works perfectly. Thinking about getting the smaller bowl.




Dreamed of having one for years and finally got one. So much better than any other mixer I've used before and the wide selection of additional attachments makes this machine even more exciting! The red colour is also perfect.



Love, love, LOVE it!
I was lucky enough to win this mixer in a recent Facebook competition. There's no way i could have afforded to buy one (had wanted one for ages), so to win one was a dream come true! It's truly awesome. It's quiet and mixes like a dream. How did i ever do without it? Now for the attachments................. Now i want the KitchenAid food processor


Port Kennedy WA


essential in the kitchen
Absolutely essential to producing wonderful baked goods!



Amazing & beautiful
I have had this for nearly three years now and still love it! It is so versatile and easy to use-even my partner can use it hassle free!



KitchenAid Artisian Mixer
Love this,mixer, makes doubling my biscuit recipes an absolute breeze. Less time in the kitchen and more time to enjoy life


Wallaroo SA


At last
Finally, after wishing for so long, I received a KitchenAid stand mixer for my birthday/mothers day! It is everything I expected and more. Bring on the attachments!




Kitchen Aid? more like Kitchen Made
Your know because its made for the kitchen? anyway its really good.




No regrets
I've always wanted this mixer, and after 2 years of thinking, I finally bought one. Absolutely love it! Makes mixing a breeze. I also purchased the spare bowl. Now I'm thinking of the scraping blade.




Extremly happy with the way it feels,looks and makes cooking such a joy and easy.Thinking about buying one?? Do it, you wont regret it.

great white chef


The more the merrier
I already own a K5 and have had it for over 5 years and have given it a severe work out and it has not skipped a beat. Why did I get a KSM150? I wanted a glass bowl and the metal beater bowl scraping blade (which are two accessories I can't get for the K5). My other excuse was "So I can put the pasta rolling attachment on one kitchenaid and the pasta cutting attachment on the other one so I don't have to park the rolled pasta sheets somewhere until the machine is free to do the cutting". LOL. Try this trick for Mothers' Day (etc) and see if you too can score a bonus Kitchenaid. :) PS: Love the machine.


Phillip Island


I love my kitchenaid!
I've been dreaming of a shiny red kitchenaid for years! It's everything I was hoping for and I've loved using it, it makes baking so much quicker. I shopped around for the best price and kitchenware direct beat the other competitors price, plus they had great shipping and customer service :)




No need to get married
Appliances like this often appear on wedding registries. Well, I don't need to get married now after receiving one for Christmas a year ago! I use it regularly and don't know how I managed with a hand mixer for so long. Wonderful.




One for the Wish List
This purchase was made as a gift. The recipient is lovestruck with her KitchenAid Mixer. It performs as well as it looks, and it looks great.




Worth the price tag
When my hubby bought this for making bread, I was astounded at the the price. I started baking to get the best use out of this appliance and I love it! Beating egg whites with this is so quick & easy and has certainly encouraged me to try more recipes. <3<3




absolutely amazing mixer!
I have always wanted a KitchenAid mixer for myself. I've had to settle with other free standing mixers through the years, but my fiancee decided to get this for me after years of hearing me go on and on about how much I would like one. I doubt she has regretted it at all, as I've been making things with the mixer. all I can say is, yes it is worth the expense, and yes it is the most striking feature of my kitchen now. can't rate this enough!




The KitchaenAid mixer turned out to be everything it promised and more! Mixes evenly and quickly. Cook book is full of recipes I actually want to cook. Can't wait to receive my first attachment!




An Amazing Purchase
My KitchenAid Mixer KSM150 in Empire Red is the best! I am so impressed as well as my husband, and he's a Chef! It's worth every penny that we spent. I love baking for my kids and my husband. I always find absolute happiness when I bake yummy food for my kids. Ever since we had it, just several days ago, we've been baking like crazy as every recipe we tried using the mixer turned out perfect. My husband and I decided that we're going to be buying KitchenAid appliances from now on. Next purchase will be a KitchenAid food processor in Empire red also of course. :)

Mrs. Burns

Cervantes, WA


love it
absolutely a must buy item for the kitchen. I'm so happy I bought this mixer finally. pricey but its worth it. mixing ingredients is a breeze. no more hand pains and thick doughs. I have made cookies,pizzas,muffins,breads,scones,biscotti and they have come out so soft and delicious. baking is now so fast and enjoyable. the cookbook is a fantastic gift with this mixer. It has so many recipes and they have come out easy and perfect. I use it all the time. Thank you for the fast service.




2nd purchase
I have just bought this mixer for my daughter after buying mine a year ago. Such a great machine and the attachments and smaller bowl are well worth investing in. Love it




Kitchen Aid mixer
I hesitated to make this purchase at my stage of life, wondering if it would be really worthwhile as I have another electric mixer I do not use often. I am absolutely delighted with the Kitchen Aid - it is so efficient, and a pleasure to use.

Kerry Fandry



This is my favourite appliance in my kitchen
I had a Kenwood mixer for years but was never very happy with it. I always wanted a KitchenAid and my husband bought me one last year for Christmas, I use it so much, it has so many options and attachments and it's easy to use. I love the fact that it does all the work for you and it whips up the best meringues, it looks great on the bench too.



Love this Red Mixer
I waited a long time and saved my pennies to afford this wonderful KitchenAid KSM150 mixer and for the past 3 weeks it has had a great workout. I have been giving away cakes and bikkies as I do not need to put anymore weight on. A superb machine, does everything I require of it and more. Also bought the mincer attachment and will let you know how it goes soon

Jinny Richardson

Bribie Island Qld


Fantastic product! Better than any mixer I have ever owned. Very happy with purchase.

Linda Francis

Brunswick East


Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer KSM150 Empire Red
I am the very proud owner of a kitchen aid mixer. Not only does it look so fabulous in my kitchen but it is a dream to use. For the first time ever I am cranking out my own sourdough bread which has amazed not only myself but my family. Baking is now almost addictive and ever single time I have used the mixer the end result has been so satisfying.


Meroo Meadow NSW


My favourite appliance ever!
I had never heard of kitchenware direct until I did some research on the kitchenAid Artisan Mixer, now I am a loyal kitchenware direct customer, they were so helpful and such quick delivery! Now onto the mixer ... The mixer was my dream mixer and it has met all of my expectations, an excellent mixer which is well worth the price.


Bundoora, Vic


Kitchenaid review
I live in a remote location and wasn't expecting to receive my mixer for at least 2-3 weeks because thats pretty standard here so i was extremely shocked when it only took 2 days to get to me!!! Thank you very much! Extremely happy!




amazing mixer
i make bread one a week, thats 52 loaves a year, and this mixer makes that kneading process a breeze!

andrew phillips



Can't beat it!
This is by far the best and most used small appliance in my kitchen. With all the attachments you can get for these it really rules out the need to have cupboards full of appliances!



Super Happy!
My first dealing with Kitchenware Direct - wow, very impressive. Have always dreamt of having a Kitchenaid, so this was a birthday present to ME! It is everything and more I thought it would be. Very professional, I feel completely comfortable should anything happen to go wrong or I need assistance.




Love it
loving them for years but never thought I could justify the cost well I finally gave in and as my grandson would say "my lub it" plus got the extras woohoo fab customer service before I commited to buy easy as to purchase and it was here quickly and safely has pride of place on the bench "big red" happy happy happy now got to save up for the attachments will be back.


Leichhardt NSW


Better than I could have imagined!
First of all, I can't fault the excellent service from Kitchenware Direct. My new Kitchenaid arrived in less than a week from ordering, was packed securely and was the cheapest I'd seen in store and online. My kitchenaid is fantastic!!! The motor is amazing and works so quickly. Don't leave cream for long or you'll have made butter! Biscuits, cakes ad desserts have all been so easy to make ad everything is so easy to clean. Don't bother with cheaper brands, the Kitchenaid is the best!




very happy
I bought this for my mum for a birthday present she loves it. Cooking is a breeze with this stylish sleek and all the mixing power you could ever want. She's even started baking her own bread




KitchenAid Mixer
When my son, an amazing Chef found out I was looking for another mixer to cope with my 26+ Pavs to make and give away at Christmas time. He insisted I only buy a KitchenAid and gave me money towards it. I love it love it love it. When my other machine dies I'll buy another KitchenAid. Thank you




Exceeds expectations
This mixer has been on the wish list for a long time so when the time came, I did my research and found Kitchenware Direct had the best price. (The free postage was a bonus). This is a quality product and my only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner. I have made some delicious cakes and am now pondering making bread, a task that I always found daunting. The free DVD has made this task look relatively easy, so fingers crossed. I have purchased other products from Kitchenware Direct and can never fault the service.

Maria P



Better than I could ever have imagined!
I've been longing for this product since my sister bought one about 5 years ago (yes, I was a little jealous!). It's absolutely amazing - can't fault it at all. I know what I'll be doing this weekend - baking up a storm of course!

Sue M



Love it!
I've wanted to buy a KitchenAid for years but never got around to it. Now I don't know why I waited so long. I have already got so much use out of it, just within the first weeks, and it makes cooking so much easier and enjoyable. It's very sturdy and looks great in my kitchen. It was delivered within a couple of days of purchase which was fantastic!




I'm a believer!!!
I've been drooling over Kitchenaid Artisan Mixers for some time and at last have my very own. And it's so fabulous in every respect. Kitchenware direct made the whole experience a complete pleasure. Not only was there a huge range of colours to choose from, but their customer service was outstanding. I received prompt replies to emails, were excellent on the phone and 'pearl' arrived extremely promptly, well packaged. I am now converted and will be purchasing from you again.


Bridgewater SA


Great mixer
I got the mixer for my birthday present and I love it!! I wanted this mixer so long time and was going to buy Delux model but I'm glad that I've got this model, because it does everything and smaller than Delux and easy to change attachment!




Worth Every Cent!
After buying another brand of mixer through another online store (complete disaster) I decided to go with the KitchenAid . . . best decision ever! Its everything people say it is and more. I'm sure it will be producing yummy things for many, many years to come! The service from Kitchenware Direct was also faultless . . . great company to deal with and will definitley be buying from here again.

Jess B



Fabulous KitchenAid
At last I have my fabulous KitchenAid - I have named mine as well "Red Devil". And I am making some very devilish things with it already. I love it!! It creams like a dream, makes the most wonderful fat and oil free muffins. Everything comes out so light and fluffy it can't help but cook beautifully. The bonus is that it looks great on my cupboard as well. Bonus points to Kitchenware Direct for their excellent service. Love shopping with you.


Hahndorf, SA


I have waited a lifetime for one. Now I have a shiny RED one. The only thing I am very disappointed about is the Bonus Beater Blade was NOT a genuine Kitchenaid one.




I even named her!
I love my Kitchenaid! I seriously think that I shall never make a bad cake again. Her name is Lola, goes with my Kitchenaid food processor - Charlie. :-)

Belinda C

Cleveland, Qld


Overly Ecstatic!!!
I purchased this as a gift for my sister who does cake decorating for a living, and I have to say after the response I received I wish I could rate this fabulous appliance higher than 5 stars! She was and still is over the moon with her new appliance! The only thing I wished for was to be there when she received it.

Bianca Woolhouse

Tom Price


Better than the hype
Loveeeee my new mixer in shiny red. So glad I listened to some of my friends who raved about kitchenaid for so long! Perfect in every way!


South Sydney


Expensive mistake
I really wish I hadn't bought this mixer. I cook every day and bake every other day. I rarely use this appliance, despite having wanted one for years. When I have used it results have been very average - particularly attachments have let me down.




Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
OMG - all I can say!


Chirnside Park


My brand new kitchenAid Mixer
I love cooking & baking. And I have been dreaming that one day to replace my old mixer that I will need to buy this machine !!! And my dream just come true. I love this machine very smooth but so powerful !!!

Dian Clayton



Well Worth Every Cent..!!
Since receiving my Kitchenaid I think i have used it nearly every weekend..!! Makes life so much easier and they are so much more efficient than competitors. Great service and super fast delivery..!!




Simply the Best!
My wife just loves to bake cakes and with our new Artisan it's effortless! The right tool for delicious cakes. If you are in Melbourne visit our site: for a taste of what we do.

Jerry K



I love it, so good cant believe ppl were saying bad stuff about this it's beautiful, not loud, has a great speed on it wow and omg

trent browne

brassall qld


Great present for my daughter
The look on my daughters face when she opened the box was priceless she loves to cook, I am looking forward to my first cake she bakes.

Linda Bowerman

Magnetic Island. NQ


kitchen aid artisan mixer
Love it! I have been wanting to upgrade to one of these for years. It sits on my bench, so I am cooking even more. Quick shipping, thanks kitchen ware direct




I was sooo excited!
When my red KitchenAid arrived I squealed with delight. I had been saving for so long to get it! The service from Kitchenware Direct was fantastic, and such an easy to use website! My KitchenAid arrived very securely packaged, so there was never a risk of damage in transit. I have been so happy with my KitchenAid, and have been busy whipping up a stack of culinary delights ever since!

Kerry Ellis

Bendigo, Vic.


I love my new mixer and have impressed my family by making lots of yummy goodies for them! Having always had a Kenwood mixer I deliberated for quite some time over getting a Kitchenaid mixer, and I now know I made the right decision. The proof is in the baking! Thanks for a great hassle-free transaction.




Worth the wait
Making my first purchase of a KithenAid product was the wisest decision I have made in some time. The excitment of opening the box to see my shiny red KithenAid mixer was everything that I had waited for. The delights that I can whip up now will keep the family happy for years to come. Thank you Kitchenware Direct for your over the phone service and my overall shopping experience with you was fantatsic. Will be placing my next order next week. !!!!


Archerfield Qld


A must have ..
My wife loves to bake and I researched many options and KitchenAid was the product of choice. My wife call hers 'Nigella'. We bought one for our youngest daughter: she call hers 'Roberto'. As always great service and delivery. Just buy one, you won't regret it"

Greg McMillan



Bright pop of colour!
Very sturdy, I love the solid feel and look of it. The red gives a great splash of colour in my otherwise rather plain kitchen. Definitely not one to hide away - display it loud & proud! Used it to make cake batter today. Very smooth, wonderful consistency. Much better than hand whisking of course!




What a delight!
I recently purchased my first KitchenAid and am delighted with it. I'd read a lot of reviews saying talking about the quality of KitchenAid and am still overwhelmed at what beautiful cake mixes it makes. I bought it as a start to my own cake business and its already hard at work making countless cakes and they are superb. The construction is very solid and sturdy and easy to clean. A must buy for all those who love cooking




Red goes faster
One of those things I have always wanted but never thought I would own. Cooking is now even more fun than before, not to mention quicker! And my 2 year old loves the colour just as much as I do. Red really does go faster :) Speaking of faster - delivery of my mixer was super quick and over the holiday period. Thanks Kitchenware Direct.

Dana Hughes

Yokine, WA


In love!
I love, love, love it! I deliberated for ages whether to spend the money on a KitchenAid mixer, after relying on my trusty handheld mixer for years. I finally took the plunge and I'm in love. I can whip up goodies for school lunch boxes, afternoon tea or just to enjoy in no time, and the mixer looks fabulous on the benchtop. Only problem? Two kids - only one beater to lick! Thank you Kitchenwaredirect - yet another fuss free purchase.




best ever product
this is the best product ever i don't know how i survived before i bought this and now my son keeps pinching it also and i have a hard time getting it back from him and keeps telling me well you know what to buy me mum he also has claimed my food processer which i just can't get back from him at all he keeps telling me he owns it now as been as his place for more than 6 mths so his lol

susan henwood

gladstone q'ld


I can't live without it!
I'm absolutely in love with my Kitchenaid mixer. It makes wonderful cakes and doughs everytime. Though I'd recommend you buy a second bowl if making cakes with eggwhites.

Amy Separovic

Maida Vale, Western Australia


Best purchase ever
12 months on and I am still in love. We make pizza dough every week quick & easy, and pavlovas are a breeze! don't walk away if you're whipping cream because it's done sooooo quickly. Make sure you have room on the bench because it looks too good to put away. Looking forward to enjoying this appliance to my dying day.




Love it!
You don't really have to read too many reviews to see how this IS the mixer to have. I'm not a strong baker but this mixer has me turning out so many beautiful things. I love to leave it mixing while I walk away - it's a beautiful thing! Everyone comments on it sitting on my bench in my all white kitchen - it is pure style and such an efficient luxury but an absolute necessary item for your kitchen. Thanks to kitchenwaredirect I got mine so much cheaper than in a walk in shop, the delivery was perfect and I have absolute faith in this shopping store - I will be buying more!




Absolutely Delighted
Thank you so much for the quick and easy delivery of my Kitchen Aid Mixer. It works like a dream and its smooth operational movements make using it a pleasure. The bright red colour has given my kitchen the facelift it needed and I'm convinced my baking will improve and increase as a result of this purchase.






Safety Beach


Thank You!
Thank you Kitchenware Direct. You make online shopping easy and stress free. My order was received in five days - two of those a weekend. As for the KitchenAid - if you're worried about spending a huge amount of money on a mixer like I was don't - you'll forget about the cost once you start using it.




Artisan stand mixer
Very happy with my lush new red mixer thanks. Delivered to Tas 8 days after placing the order on a weekend which is awesome. Arrived in perfect order and vanilla yo yo's going down a treat. Now to decide which attachments to order.....

Nat Whish-Wilson

South Hobart Tasmania


Fast Delivery
I love my mixer have used it heaps already have to buy the attachments now can't wait to make my own pasta. I will use kitchen Direct again and have already told myfriends how cheap and quick they are


Barooga NSW


Love my Mixer
I wish I had bought my KitchenAid Mixer years ago, as my cooking life would have been made so much easier, enjoyable and successful. Now it is yeh!!


Brisbane, Australia


KitchenAid Artrisan Mixer
My husband bought this mixer for me for my birthday, as I have wanted one forever. I love the way it mixes everything, from perfect pizza dough, to the fluffiest pavlova. I don't have to hide it away after use, because it looks so stylish with its beautiful red finish on my black stone benches. Love it, Love it, Love it.

Gail Farmer



Fantastic Appliance and Great Service
I bought this KitchenAid as a present for my girlfriend as she loves cooking and has always talked about getting one. The price on KitchenWare Direct was the best around - even compared to overseas with shipping, and the delivery time was extremely fast. The bonus Artisan Mixer Cookbook has been really valuable in showing what can be done with the mixer as well. The mixer is extremely quiet, yet very powerful. The girlfriend loves it, and now I'm reaping the rewards of her amazing cooking!!!




Good things come to those that wait
and boy was I patient, the kitckenaid is as good if not better than I imagined. Thank you kitchenware direct your promt delivery was simply amazing

Shirley White



My new KitchenAid Stand mixer
I love my new mixer! If you are in the market for a stand mixer look no further the KSM150 (in red of course) it is the bees knees. It will beat the best cream you have ever had, just for hell of it I mashed the potatoes with it, the family demands that I do them no other way. One of the best things about this machine is that it is a dream to keep clean, there is no hidden silly little places hard to get out. Beautiful, functional and durable, I am wrapt.

Jane Linderberg



Fantastic Service
I am currently living in Solomon Islands and Kitchenware Direct not only made it incredibly easy to order some things I needed for a visitor to bring over but also provided the cheapest online price. Great service and Great products. Would definately shop here again.


Solomon Islands


I just recently brought this mixer and it is AMAZING!!! Not only does it look good in our kitchen but it makes ours cakes so light and fluffy. I cant believe how long I waited to buy it! I ordered it on the Sunday night and it arrived on Tuesday so thank youfor the super fast delivery :)


Perth, Western Australia


Amazing appliance I have in my kitchen
I love baking and make lots of cake, and I always wanted the Kitchen Aid mixer. My partner got me the red one for my last birthday and I use it all the time. It is so amazing and makes awesome cake batter. The dough hook is great.. so making a pizza is so easy... All I can say.. if you really want one of this beauty.. get one without any hesitation..




I can't believe I waited so long to buy this!
I've wanted a kitchenaid mixer ever since reading the Choice magazine review saying how great it is for everything from mixing perfect cakes to kneading bread dough. It is fabulous, just as good as the CHOICE magazine review said. I love it because it isn't too loud, mixes really well & has so many attachments. We have the grinder (mince our own meat), pasta maker (so quick) & the sausage attachment (yet to use). The DVD & cookbook it comes with are fantastic too!




Best Present Ever!
I've been lusting after one of these forever. Finally, my husband bought one for my 30th birthday and I haven't stopped using it since. We've both put on a couple of kgs...




Brilliant! Quiet, fast and powerful. Worth every cent. Looks great on the bench too




love my kitchen aid mixer!! Makes my time in the kitchen so much easier and fun!!

Annie Goodyer



As Good as the Reports
I have been cooking for a long time and the KitchenAid really is a marvel. It may look like it is made by a tractor manufacturer but it works like an expensive German car. My first pavlova made using it is the best I have made and I'm pretty proud of my pavs.


Gold Coast


my right arm
after suffering from a frozen shoulder and having reconstruction surgery my family does not have to go with out as the kitchen aide does it all hands free what a blessing thanks for your prompt service and having such wonderful products in your line

Colleen McNamara

Cranbourne Vic


Best mixer ever
I bought this as a gift for my mum's birthday and she loves it! She makes a lot of bread and usually hand kneads but the dough hook on the mixer is amazing - it does just as good a job in less time! But you need to remember that you shouldn't use the dough hook on a speed setting faster than 2 (I learnt the hard way but was luckily able to get a repair under warranty). Great product overall.




LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got this for my friends 50th birthday and she absolutely loves it and has lusted after one of these for absolutely forever.Shes very happy now all i need is for her to bake me something delicious so i don't starve to death.

Michael Cini

Eight Mile Plains


The best mixer - The best way to shop
Not only is the KitchenAId Artisan Mixer the ultimate tool that has turned me from a hack housewife chef into a pro, but purchasing it through Kitchenwaredirect is the only way to shop. The best price, free shipping (even to Frontier Town Darwin!) and here within a week. No local retailer can compete with that amazing service. Thankyou!

P Tziolis



I have wanted one of these for years and turning 40 was the perfect excuse to finally secure my bit of kitchen bling! I feel like a real professional when I use my KitchenAid, it is a dream to use, and it looks amazing sitting on the kitchen bench. I had no hesitation in buying from Kitchenware Direct having purchased from them before. The price was excellent, love the free shipping, and the service A1.


Meadows, SA


Wow, I am so impressed with my KitchenAid! It is easily the best kitchen appliance I have ever owned and the Empire Red looks great on the kitchen bench. Purchasing from Kitchenwaredirect was fabulous, delivery was so quick!

Jo Clarke

Geraldton, Western Australia


KitchenAid pretty much speaks for itself. KitchenwareDirect offers a great price (better than anywhere else we looked in Australia) and delivery is quick and FREE!!!!




Mothers Day Gift
Wow wow wow!! Agree with all comments on here!! So spoiled getting a KitchenAid Mixer. I've never enjoyed baking so much in all my life!! Definitely looking at other attachments also. Customer service was amazing, very fast turnaround. Will definitely be ordering from you guys again. Thanks heaps!!


Port Hedland WA


Cheese cake heaven
My family bought me the KitchenAid mixer as a gift because they know how much I love to bake. My first attempt was a baked cheese cake. It sure made short work of mixing the cream cheese mixture and no lumps! The cake was a huge success. I am thrilled with my KitchenAid Mixer as not only is it easy to work and clean but it's a beautiful looking product also. I had no problems dealing with KitchenWare Direct. It was delivered within the week of ordering, came very well packed and I would have no hesitation in buying further products from them or recommending the company to others.




Kitchen Aid.....Awesome
The above words say it all, I've wanted one for a long time, finally it sits in great resplendence on my bench, there will always be room for it!! Love love love using my Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer,so solid, I feel more creative, & thanks for the brilliant service.




KitchenAid Artisan Mixer
My wife felt she was the most spoilt person on earth when she received this for mother's day.It stands very proud in our kitchen. I've raised the bar way to high!! What was more amazing was the delivery time. I rang after I orderd, concerned about whether it would arrive in time( 5 work days I had at max). Sent Fri arrived Tues. Well done to the customer service team. Thankyou


Newport Vic


Great Appliance from a great Retailer
I love making cakes for my 3 year old and her friends with this wonderful appliance. I could not believe the ease of ordering through Kitchenware Direct as well. Quick and packaged beautifully for no damage. Thanks

Claire Butler



Mothers' Day Gift
Wow! this is amazing. I've wanted one for ages. I still didn't know how great it would be until i started using it. it makes every mix i make smooth and silky. Whisking egg whites is a breeze. I can turn it on and add things leaving it to mix. The kids can add ingredients and i can continue a recipe while it still mixes. My husband and I are excited about purchasing extra attachments




Kitchen Aid Mixer
Now I know why everyone raves about Kitchen Aid! It makes the BEST pavlova. I can't wait to try out some new recipes. The DVD is handy too for some getting started tips. The bread recipe is to die for. Only minor issue is its very heavy to move around if you have limited bench space.




Excellent products; excellent service
This is the second KitchenAid Mixer I have purchased - one for a friend and one as an engagement present. Both were received with such delight it made the giving fantastic. I have had reports that the resultant baking is above expectations. The service I received from Kitchenware Direct was excellant and extremely fast on delivery. I will return for any product I need that is in their stock. Thank you!


Morawa W A


kitchen aid
Our first time purchasing online, fantastic company to deal with. The order came to our surprise within a few days of ordering. Will definately shop here again.

mark stewart

safety bay w.a.


40th Birthday Pressie
I LOVE, LOVE LOVE my KitchenAid Artisan Mixer!!! The best pressie I have ever received. I dont know what I did without it. My husband, children and family all love the beautiful things I bake with it every week. Love shopping with KitchenWare Direct,Quick, Easy, Cheaper than the rest and free delivery was a bonus!


Brisbane Qld


The best present
My son and his fiance are so happy with their new kitchenaid. It is proudly sitting on their kitchen bench and we are being spoilt with their cake creations - I am now thinking of getting one for myself...thank you for making this choice so easy!




The Wow Factor
Brought this for my daughter for her 40th. Has given her kitchen the WOW Factor.Thank you for fast service and safe delivery.Dawn.

Dawn Tabor

Yarrawonga Victoria


Great mixer, a bonus to use attachments on it as well, nice retro look.




love it!!
Got this mixer as a xmas /birthday pressie and i ADORE it. It is the best mixer i have ever owned and know i will never need another again.Looks fantastic on the black granite benchtop too. Love it!!

sandra simpson



Empire Red
I received this for my wedding anniversary, and what a present. It works fantastic, and makes cooking a pleasure. I have already made numerous cakes, and am looking forward to making my Dad a pavlova next week for his 50th. Plus after watching the DVD, i look forward to purchasing the attachments. Thanks Kitchenware Direct




Fab Product
I love my new kitchenaid mixer. I've only had it just over a week and was very excited to use it the first time making a sweet pastry with ease. Can't wait to try it out on a pavlova. Prompt, hassle free delivery, fantastic.


Mount Barker, SA


Whip up a bit of Magic
My new kitchenaid mixer arrived just before christmas much to my surprise since I missed the cutoff date for gauranteed christmas delivery. Needless to say since she arrived I have been baking non-stop. Chocolate custard profiteroles have been a real hit. The Kitchen aid mixer makes it soooo easy I know this because I have tried unsuccessfully to make them before but they were never as light and airy as they are using the KA mixer. Theres so much power to harness I know I am going to have lots of fun over the coming years experimenting with it. Thanks kitchenware direct for making the ordering process so easy and friendly - they guy even had an idea of where we our town was which is amazing !!!! Many thanks guys I know I will be back again hopefully soon !!!!




Mixing made easy
Used it the first time a couple days ago, to make cheese cake. It whipped the cream cheese very fast, making everything seems so easy. Loved it!

Ignatius W

Melbourne, VIC


Zero to Pav in 4 Minutes!
When my partner bought me my KitchenAid Mixer there was a new rule in our house, to go with the one that says if it can't go in the dishwasher it doesn't get used, and this was "if it can't be made in the KitchenAid Mixer we don't eat it!" Just imagine my delight in bragging to everyone at work, in my family and sundry strangers down the street when I tell them how good my new mixer is!!! It took four minutes to whip up egg whites into a pavlova mix! It creams butter and sugar as if butter and sugar just comes like that naturally! And forget scooping down the sides - you don't have to thanks to the mixer's brilliant planetary motion! And using your hands to mix up hamburgers or rissoles? I think not! Anyone who mentions to me they use a hand held beater now, I just throw back my head and laugh and say "I have a KitchenAid Mixer!" Brilliant!!!!!

Matthew Barker

Cohuna, Victoria


Darn fine machine
Made my first batch of bretzels with my new mixer yesterday. This is a darn fine machine. Simple, sturdy and strong. It's not cheap but it is definitely built to last. And this is a good thing as I intend to use mine into the ground.

Ponygirl Summers



New Empire Red Stand Mixer!
Kitchenware Direct provided prompt, hassle free ordering and delivery of my brand new Empire Red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I will be back to order more Kitchenaid products from Kitchenware Direct ASAP!

L Amos

Hendra, QLD


I keep asking myself WHY did I wait so long to purchase the Artisan mixer, but what I can say it was worth the wait. Thank you Kitchenware Direct for your quick delivery, specially over the Xmas period. Yvonne Broome WA

Yvonne Armstrong



Kitchenaid Mixer
I held a fundraiser in December specifically to raise money for this fantastic mixer for Heaven's Kitchen - our community kitchen assisting needy people in our local area It is an invaluable asset - thanks for quick delivery & a good price. We are really thrilled. Thanks.

Jen Emmerton for Heaven's Kitchen

Devonport, Tasmania


best kitchen appliance i have ever had. fantastic. i have had it on my wish list for years now i can cook up a storm

wendy brougham

streaky bay sa


Just love it
I bought a Kitchen Aid Empire Red mixer in October 2010. I have a family of 9 so its been a blessing, makes pizzas cakes and biscuits in minutes. My kids use it more than me, so I bought another mixer for my son and his wife and it was sent to them direct in Brisbane. The excitement from them was worth the cost. Thanks Louise WA

Louise Sandon

Perth WA


Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer
Quick delivery, excellent customer service, excellent product, so easy to use. Love it, love it, love it. Will recommend Kitchenware Direct and Kitchenaid.




Bee's Knees
Given to my wife as a Christmas gift as she had dropped enough hints over the years regarding her desire for one. It's been declared as 'the bee's knees' of kitchen products. No problems with delivery and the accompanying cookbook is of quality and helpful with use of the product.

Roger Kozulins

Romsey Victoria


KitchenAid Artisan Mixer-Nothing comes close
I first admired this mixer in a store, mainly for the eye catching colours. Hey, every house can have an appliance. The trick is to make it look good as well in your house! Initially the cost put me off but after much internet research& my hand blende rblowing up , everywhere I turned spoke highly of this machine. So I bought it. The video which accompanies helps you to understand the machine so easily. It is super easy to use, all steel construction so sturdy as and does the job beautifully. It is very easy to clean and so many attachments can be used with it. It can almost prepare anything. I have cooked a tart, pavlova, biscuits and custard in just 24 hours of receiving. It makes cooking so easy. A highly recommended purchase. This website offers the best price at the most reputable store (online or otherwise) that I have found.


Perth WA


She's going to SCREAM - I just know it!!!!
My daughter is due to have her 2nd child in 3 weeks - we are prepared to call the hospital as I just know she is going to scream with delight when she sees her Xmas present. She has been wanting this mixer for so long - would not settle for any other makes- preferring to wait till she could save enough for - quote: "the only one". Just know I am going to have to start saving all over for one for me now. The joy really is in the giving eh?s

Madeline Schofield

Redland Bay Qld


Margaret V.
A truly great machine. My son bought me one four years ago and I love making pavlovas bread, cakes etc. Have just bought one for Him for his Wedding in January!

Margaret Vella

Morley. W.A.


Excellent service
I'm really enjoying my new kitchen gadget - and the best part was the speed in which it arrived!


Brisbane, QLD


KitchenAid Artisan Mixer KSM150 Empire Red
I purchased my 'new toy' in October. The on-line purchase was simple, delivery quick and not only does it do the most wonderful job but also adds to the look of my kitchen, as I leave it on permanent display. Definitely recommend purchasing through Kitchenware Direct.


Kelmscott, WA


I have been wanting KitchenAid mixer for so long. Finally, I was able to afford one and I couldn't be happier! Baking is a dream and the results absolutely delectable. I will have this for forever and am not regretting the financial outlay. It will pay off its purchase in short order. Happy baking all.


Emerald QLD


my new baby :)
i love the new addition to my kitchen and my FAMILY :) kitchenaid mixer has been a thriller to me and my two little munchkins who constantly help in the kitchen the shippment was quick and the service was great i'm definitely using this site for further kitchenware purchases and would highly recommend it to all friends


melbourne , vic


KitchenAid Artisan Mixer KSM150 Empire Red
The delivery was great and fast. I have used my mixer to make cupcakes and they were the best I have made. A great machine. I do find however to remove the beater is a little tricky until you get the hang of it.

Lara Pasinati



Soooooo Impressed
I am so impressed with my KitchenAid Artisan Mixer. I absolutely love using it. It makes cooking so easy and my cakes turn out brilliantly. The hardest thing was choosing the colour. The colours are just so beautiful, I would love to have one of each.

Cynthia bekendam

Ipswich, Qld


True love..
I lusted after a Kitchen Aid for a decade... and now I know it's true love! What a glorious machine. Today I made the best pink cupcakes EVER! And Kitchenware Direct were fab. Hooray!


Northcote, Vic


I know she is Empire Red, but to me she is my Ruby & sits proudly on my kitchen bench smiling, waiting to be started up again to create another mouth watering treat.


Elsternwick, Vic


My beautiful red Kitchen Aid Mixer arrived the day after I ordered it - unheard of here in the Central Wheatbelt!! I am thrilled with the product and even more impressed with the service - I would recommend your site to anyone!


Kellerberrin , WA


I love my Kitchen Aid
Very happy with the 3 day delivery timeframe. Very impressed with it's looks and performance. I've used it everyday ever since it arrived. Looking forward to getting my favorite attachments now.


Normanhurst, NSW


I definately will be back
I had put off purchasing a Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer elsewhere for some time due to the price. Then one night while I was walking through cyberspace I discovered Kitchenware Direct and to my amazement there was my shiny red Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer at a price I could afford and with free shipping.. My Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer arrived vey quickly and now takes centre stage in my kitchen. I am one happy customer. Thank you, I will be recommending Kictenware Direct to all my family and friends. P.S I will definately be back.


Caboolture South. Queensland


The award goes to 'KitchenwareDirect' for Best customer service, Best price & Prompt delivery Received my Empire Red Stand Mixer within 3 days . What can I say shes Stunning and Yah baby ! shes sounds smooth and sexy and she sits quietly commanding a View from the shiny benchtop Shes The Lady In Red !!!


Duncraig WA


Wonderful Product and Seller
The KA Artisan is a fabulous piece of art, workmanship and quality, but most importantly it does not fail to serve the needs of the kitchen. I’m very impressed with the new Artisan in Empire Red, it serves as a great culinary tool. Kitchenware Direct was excellent in its service and I received the product within a very short period of time. Their aftersales service is highly commendable. I’m happy about the purchase.




Mix it with the best
What a fantastic mixer. I am so happy with my new KitchenAid in Empire Red. It looks fantastic in our kitchen and cakes never tasted so good. Quiet yet powerful, this mixer will literally change your cooking life. A great appliance for a great online price.




Kitchen aid quality
My new Empire red Artisian mixer looks great on my bench and brings back the home made quality cooking back into my home.It couldnt be easier to use or clean and the results are the best.The mixer is loved so much i had to buy one for myself after seeing my mother inlaws, we have talked about going halves in the ice cream attachment to add to our mixer.

Cindy V

Gladstone Qld


Wow I love my new mixer!
I purchased my mixer recently, excellent service and wow an excellent product. It works like a dream, I am very happy with it. Now to just keep my adult children from borrowiing it every other week!

Terry Buckley

Lisarow NSW


I splurged out on this mixer for my birthday and sooooo glad i did. I purchased her in Empire Red and she sits on my kitchen bench and compliments my kitchen very nicely - oh and I do use her for cooking too - I like to think of myself the Australian Nigella when I am using the mixer.........I would encourage anyone who loves cooking to buy this machine........not only very very pretty, but brilliant to use as well AND sooooo easy.

Kristy Harland



Fabulous mixer
I have wasted so much money over the years buying different mixers that let me down, so I thought long and hard about buying another one, but the KitchenAid mixer is just fabulous. My two daughters are now arguing about who will get it in my will. Perhaps I will have to buy them one each also.

Robyn Van de Wetering



exciting addition to my kitchen
thank you for giving me (us) the opportunity to buy quality products at better prices. i'm so excited to use the kitchen aid i bought.

Donna Casey



My beautiful Kitchenaid Mixer
I am so happy with my mixer. The dvd on how to use the mixer which came with it was fantastic. I made the white crusty loaf and it was perfect! Have used my mixer everyday since i recieved it. I recieved my mixer 2 days after ordering, thanks kitchenwaredirect for the quick service and great price!

Krystle Jones

Perth, WA


KitchenAid: Artisan Mixer KSM150 Empire Red
Received my mixer as a birthday gift from my husband, of course I ordered it myself and he just paid for it! I love it, it is the best present he has ever bought me. Next birthday he will also buy me something from Kitchenware Direct. Great service, received it within 2 working days.

Shirley Rozman

Hewett, South Australia


Magnificent product
I could not believe the speed and ease in which this mixer goes about it's job. Not only does it look beautiful, it has cut preparation time in half. I just love it. I do so much more baking and bread making now, my husband wishes I had bought it years ago. Truly a magnificent piece. Thanks kitchenware direct for the great price, fast delivery and exceptional service again. There is no score high enough for this mixer.

Angela G

Wyndham vale vic


Love love love it!
The best kitchen accessory I have ever received, it's always out on the benchtop because it looks so fantastic!


Perth, WA


The Empire Definately strikes Back !!
The force is definitely with you when you use this fantastic mixer. We absolutely love it. We use it everyday and everything we make with it seems to taste even better.


Shelly Beach NSW


Good Machine
Well built, surprised how fast it was delivered. Everything was as expected if not better.

Tony Brennan



Best Gift Ever
I received a KitchenAid Mixer as a gift. I cant stop using it - it takes pride of place on the kitchen counter. I can make up to 1.5kg of icing in one go with no trouble and no more sore arm for a week. KitchenwareDirects service is great too, delivered to my door within 2 days of being told it was dispatched.




The Best
I purchased this item for my partner and he loves it. This item is just great, it does everything and has great attachments available... especially the ice cream bowl. Thank you Kitchenware Direct for your fantastic service including FREE delivery and a GREAT price!

Brad Tarr

Cohuna, Victoria


I bought one of these for my parents for xmas as we have always wanted one, best xmas present i've ever bought them!! now I just need to buy one for myself to match my kitchenaid blender and food processor!! amazing service from kitchenware direct i love you guys




Artisan mixer
This machine is brillant in the kitchen. I wish I had purchased this item sooner , saves a lot of work

margaret wray



I Love It!
since having my mixer i cant stop using it , its not only a great looking machine but what a fantastic time saving aid i cant tell you how happy i am its hard to keep my head out of a recipe book, I'm always looking for the next thing to cook.

paulene Brincat

Uki N.SW


After one month I am still coming to terms with how good this machine is. It does an amazing job of bread dough and egg whites... and if you're whipping cream, don't turn your back for too long or you'll have butter! And it looks so good that it makes me want to use it... I've been mixing and baking like never before! Now I'm saving up for some attachments.


Willunga, SA


Long awaited
I recently purchased this cake mixer for my MUM's 50th birthday. She was over the moon whan she opened the box and hasn't stopped baking since. With free delivery and the cheapest price, it was the best birthday present ever!

Rachel McGrinder



KitchenAid Mixer
My new mixer is my new best friend, just love it's cheery bright red color, not to mention what a wonderful work horse it is in the kitchen, to a dedicated cake and bread maker. I choose this model for it's strength in kneading bread dough, plus the free postage, what a bonus, not to mention great service.
How ever there are a couple of down sides to the product, the motor head does not tilt back, which makes it hard to scrape down the side of the bowl, and trying to scrape around the beater, the unit is heavy, but once my new kitchen is installed, all my appliences can sit on the bench for ease of use, and there will not be any heavy lifting, the two downsides are a small price to pay for a mixer that will be such a boon for my bread making. For such a powerful machine, it is not very loud whilst mixing, which rather surprised me. A truly wonderful purchase and well worth spending the dollars to get a powerful mixer that does a fantastic job.

Del McDougall

Julatten, QLD


I never knew it was possible to feel such an attachment to an electric appliance, but my heart was been won. There is nothing more beautiful than ' my pretty' Empire Lady, as I like to call her. Not only gorgeous but smart and hard-working. What a joy. You just can't help but give her a quick polish as you pass by. Wonderful to use, worth every cent. Thank you Kitchenware Direct for this happy new relationship, even my 4yo knows this mixer is something special. Thank you for your wonderful service as always. I recommend you to everyone.

Anke Born

Bullengarook, Victoia


kitchen aid appliances
I cant wait to show of my new mixer on my bench! As soon as I can decide wich colour to choose. Then lots of dinner parties!

Monique and Nicole my daughter.

Gidgegannup W.A


Great 21st gift
I bought this for my niece, her 21st birthday present, and she says its the best thing she has been given....loves making chocolate cake and looks vey pretty on her kitchen bench....outlasts and outweighs anything else on the market...




Not bad, but looking back I probably will get a handheld
I always dreamt to get this Kitchenaid mixer. Now that I have it, I wish I had bought a handheld mixer instead.

It does all the things it promises (but fail to mention that the motor can be a bit 'loud'). It is quite big for making just one cake.

The attachments are great. But let's admit it, average people probably make fresh pasta / bread / sausage a couple of times a year. Not sure if it is worth the money?

L Thanawastien



Worth every cent.
I love my Kitchenaid mixer. I have gone through several cheaper mixers but this time decided to save up and purchase a Kitchenaid. It is so easy to use, makes great pavolva and cakes and looks great on the kithcen bench. I am now saving to purchase the Kitcheaid blender. Thanks Kitchenware direct for the reviews which I found useful and for making the product more affordable.




Worth it's weight in Gold
I have wanted one of these for years and after receiving a faulty one I was very dissapointed. But Kitchenware direct were so fabulous, they had it replaced in no time and were nothing but helpful and efficient to say the least. I now love my mixer and use it almost too much...and would highly recommend KW Direct and I will use them again and again. Thanks for making my purchase so easy! PS, the Mixer made the best Pavlova ever!




lightening fast
I LOVE my stand mixer. It has made my life so much easier, due to illness I could no longer use the hand beater that was my everyday companion in the kitchen. To be able to keep making my family's favourites I brought the Kitchenaid stand mixer and have not looked back, if only I knew what I was missing all those years!! It has taken some adjustment to my mixer as it works so fast, I have turned cream into butter without meaning to!! but I have a handle on it now, I simply divide the recipe mixing time by 4 and everything turns out perfect!! Thank you Kitchenware Direct!!




Kitchen Aid Mania
I have bought all my kitchenaid from you and haver almost all the items in the range. My very favourite at the momernt is the pasta maker attachment. Loving the simplicity of creating my own pasta. I make and freeze so there is always fresh pasta for me to use. My three daughters have all requested Kitchenaid when they set up their own kitchens and it gives me gift ideas forever!! I can't wait.

Narelle Wakely

Casuarina Beach NSW


Changed my life
I love love love my Kitchenaid. Is one of the best investments I have made. I am waiting now to order the food processor and will then probably get the blender so I have the set of these brilliant products!


Melbourne Vic


Not good for my waistline - but I'm gonna die happy!
I have lusted after a red kitchen aid mixer for most of my life - and finally I decided to take the plunge and make the purchase. Your website was a godsend - the price was great, the mixer arrived within a few days and ever since my weekends have been spent baking! "Big Red" looks amazing on my benchtop, but where it comes in to its own is making biscuits and cakes. Everything I've made has been perfect - so whilst there's not doubt I'll be getting fatter and fatter, I'm going to have a good time! I'm saving for the icecream maker attachment now.




I'm in love!!
Owning my very own KitchenAid artisan mixmaster is a dream come true. It is THE best gift I have ever been given. My husband had to stop me sleeping with it the first night I received it. Only wish I had one years ago.

Helen Sheppard



Kitchen AID
Love this mixer looks great on my kitchen bench! Everyone needs one

Faye Mach Phung

Melbourne, VIC


Love it!
I love my KitchenAid Mixer!

I was recently shopping in Sydney hoping to find a cheap deal on a KitchenAid mixer. While shopping I decided to check the price KitchenWareDirect (using my iPhone). It was so much cheaper I ordered it as soon as I got home from shopping.

KitchenWareDirect had the cheapest price by far, with free delivery.

Living in remote Australia I have come to love online shopping.

Shopping at KitchenWareDirect was a breeze. I cant wait to buy some attachments for my KitchenAid from KitchenWareDirect!!


Far North QLD


I Love My Mixer!!
It is the best thing in my kitchen. The price was unbeatable, the delivery was fast, the colour is great and I love it!!! I have never been able to make a successful pavlova until yesterday when I made one using my new mixer. The Pavlova was light and fluffy on the inside with a perfect shell on the outside and it came off the tray with no trouble (and licking the beater was great too). I even mashed the potatos for dinner with my mixer. I Love It!!!


Albion Park, NSW


The 30 Year Wait is Over
I have wanted a KitchenAid mixer all my adult life but could never afford it until I discovered KitchenWare Direct. Now I have my very own Empire Red mixer and life is so much easier. The best investment ever made. Now, I just have to complete the entire collection!

Lucy Gericevich

Perth, WA


Best ever!
I've been pestering anyone who would listen about getting a KitchenAid mixer for a long time. As soon as it arrived, it was out of the box onto the kitchen bench and whizzing away with my first lot of baking ingredients! I love it, and am sure my waistline will too!


Adelaide, SA


Fantastic Service
I've always wanted an Empire Red Kitchenaid Mixer and finally managed to get the money together for one. Found them on Kitchenwaredirect for $80 less than the sale prices anywhere else and FREE postage.

Service was great, arrived quickly with excellent communication.

Fantastic - THANK YOU!


Perth, WA


It was worth the wait!!
I have been saving for a kitchen aid mixer for soooooo long, but when I finally found this web sit it was so easy to get and so much cheaper then anywhere else.I just love my mixer it is the best investment I have made in years,The kids love it too,(even Hubby) we dont need to go out and get desert or a cup cake, we make it at home and it is fresh, fun and much cheaper then to buy out. WE JUST LOVE IT!!!! Thankyou so much kitchenware direct.

Rose P

Bacchus Marsh Victoria


so easy
I was surprised at how quickly the product arrived. It is an engagement present for my daughter. The Kitchen Aide mixer was on her wish list. She is looking foward to many years of using it and trying out new recipes.


Perth W A


The Perfect Pavlova Maker
I bought my wife a Kitchenaid mixer a few months ago, and it was the best gift I have ever given her.
We use it a few times a week and everything we have tried worked perfectly.
I have no regrets buying it, its strong heavy and sits proud, on our kitchen bench. We Love it!


Adelaide, SA


More than just a cake mixer
We researched mixers before buying this, and aside from being the best looking mixer, it does everything it says and does it well. The DVD is great, you find out just what you can do with this machine. We also now have the pasta attachment... Love KitchenAid. Would recommend it to anyone

Jillian Birchall

Warragul, Vic


Fab feature for my kitchen
It was a dream come true when I got it. It looks great in the kitchen and does a great job. Kitchenware direct made it possible for me at an affordable price.




No regrets
I ummed and ahhed for ages and shopped around before buying a Kitchen Aid Artisan stand mixer. I have absolutely no regrets. It does everything they claim it does and does it brilliantly. It's easy to use, solidly built and looks great in my kitchen. Only down side is that it's a little too big to fit in my cupboard, so I'm happy that it looks good enough to leave out on the bench.


Melbourne, Vic


Must Have Mixer
I Only ever had a little hand held electric mixer and when that gave up I said I would buy a decent stand mixer. After a lot of research I decided on the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer in Empire Red. Although it was hard to part with the money I am glad I did as it is the best appliance I have ever bought and it stands proudly on my bench. I love it, the kids love it and we use all the time. What a great investment.




The best thing I ever did!
buying my kitchenaid was the best think I ever did - I use it at least every second day and each time is a treat - it makes great cakes, grates food for bolognese and cheese for school lunches, it grinds my own mince with no fat and far cheaper than the supermarkets - I love it and it looks great and never fails to get a comment!

Fiona Scott-Doran

Brisbane Qld


This is the best stand mixer I have ever owned, I can't wait to buy more kitchenaid appliances! Kitchenware Directs service was brilliant too, quick and free delivery!




Top product, best price.
Look, just about everyone who has done their homework knows that the KitchenAid Mixer range is the best on the market. For me It was just a case of, okay, which online company has the best price and the best customer service? There are other online sites offering this product cheaper but reviews of their customer services were dodgy. So I spotted the "Seen a Better Price?" link on the Kitchenware Direct site and I contacted their sales dept. to see if they would match the price I found elsewhere. Yep! Within minutes, they were communicating and within a few more minutes I had a great deal. Don't muck about elsewhere. The customer service with Kitchenware Direct is terrific; very responsive and fast.


Cairns, Q


I saved up for months to by the kitchenaid(Empire Red) It sits proudly on my bench and i use it almost every second or third day. Every cent has been worth it. It's simplistic but yet stylish design is awesome in any kitchen, even if your not going to use it. Almost like a fasion statement really.
A must have for those who fancy themselves to be a Masterchef

Nada H



cupcakes will never be better
My Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer is a great piece of luxury for my kitchen. My daughter and I have had so much fun making cupcakes (the latest craze) with my Kitchen Aide. I put off buying for way to long it's great. Love it!

Jann Berry

TAdorrensville Adelaide SA


deep red perfection
some people spend their money on useless gadgets like ipod phones, the playstation and the like, but why bother really? Why when you can get this wonderfully deep scarlet machine.
It is in itself an odd comfort to me, i rarely cook without it now. Well i try to use it as often as i can, it really is the best.




i love every single kitchenaid appliance.
i just love cooking with them.




Fantastic Product!
This is the best mixer I have ever used. I love the way it works and the endless attachments you can get. Not only can you create a mouth watering cake, but produce wonder pasta, bread or if you have the attachment creamy homemade icecream. I will never use another mixer again. The best money I have spent on a kitchen appliance.




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