Find a wide range of appliances at the best value for your money

Where would we be without our clever kitchen appliances? It’s hard to imagine mornings without the rich aroma of Nespresso and the happy hum of a KitchenAid mixer is the soundtrack for beautiful baking. Our electrical goods are the stylish foot soldiers of the modern kitchen but matching an appliance to your lifestyle can be tricky. The right make and model is like an extra pair of hands in the kitchen but a wrong decision can quickly find its way to the back of a dark cupboard. That’s why we have passionate staff, dedicated to road testing all electrical appliances in our in-store demo kitchens as well as in their own homes. With Kitchen Warehouse’s extraordinary range you can browse one of Australia’s biggest kitchenware collections and see the hottest new releases from culinary superstars including, Tefal, Delonghi, Cuisinart, KitchenAid and Morphy Richards.
We understand that for many people a huge barrier to preparing fresh home cooked meals is time and technique. Chopping, grinding, mincing, grating and blending can be daunting if you are faced with doing it by hand. Equally some of those delicious recipes ask for all of these things to be done in a way that perhaps challenges your confidence in the kitchen – super fine slicing anyone?

So, before you decide to eat another prepared meal or reach for that takeaway menu consider the range of time and labour saving options that exist within our kitchen appliances section. Our selection is designed to make the daunting achievable and save on time and elbow grease.

Our range can be easily broken down into 4 broad groups – hand held blenders, worktop blenders & juicers, food processors and food mixers. We of course have got toasters and kettles but we wouldn’t insult you by suggesting you need any advice to choose one of those! Click through the categories to read up on how to choose the most suitable product for your culinary needs.