Glassware Cleaning Guide

How to get wine glasses perfectly clean

If you’ve made the investment in nicer stemware, you might be wondering how to clean wine glasses properly. This is understandable; if you’ve made a purchase that boasts “crystalline clarity,” you don’t want spots and streaks ruining the effect.

We are happy when our customers are thoroughly satisfied, so with that in mind we offer you a quick primer on glass cleaning. While there are bound to be a few methods out there for cleaning wine glasses, this is the one we’ve enjoyed the most success with. Your wine glasses are only moments away from a five-star sparkle.

Step 1 - Wash your glass

Wash your wine glass under warm water, detergent is not necessary

Step 2 - Place glass to drain

Place on linen to drain for the time being

Step 3 - Steam over boiling water

For extra shine, steam wine glass over boiling water


Step 4 - Use microfibre crystal towels

To polish the glass, use 2 microfibre crystal towels

Step 5 - How to hold the glass

Hold glass by base and polish

Step 6 - How to polish the glass

Use left hand to cradle the bowl and polish with your right hand



Never twist the base and bowl

Step 7 - A perfectly clean glass!

Perfect results, every time!


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