Fowlers Vacola Simply Natural Preserving Kit

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The Fowlers Vacola Simply Natural Preserving Kit is excellent for beginners and advanced preserving enthusiasts alike. Fully automatic, you won't have to constantly monitor the temperature - just place the fruit into the jar along with the liquid of your choice, seal and clip. Fill the kit with cold water, place bottles in and plug. In an hour, a vacuum seal forms around the bottle lids, allowing you to store the preserves on shelves, even without refrigeration.

The kit includes an electric preserving unit made of sturdy plastic with a 19 litre capacity, 3 x #20 bottles complete with rings, lids and clips, and an instruction book.


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Fowlers Vacola preserving Kit
After four days my kit was here. The next day I bottled ten jars of tomatoes just peeled them and added a little lemon juice and water. Bingo ready for the winter casseroles. Very easy to use hopefully not much food wastage from now on. .

Katrina Dycer

Mailors Flat


My new favourite!
It was only four days from ordering to my doorstep!-amazing. And as for the kit- it is so easy to use and my old Agee bottles work just fine in it. I wish I had one years ago!!


Putaruru, N.Z.


Little ripper
After many years of using jars in a saucepan, this kit is just ridiculously easy to use! As usual, Kitchenwaredirect was quick on the delivery. They have become my first look for anything kitchen.




Great, speedy delivery. So easy to use and quick. I'm now having fun doing a little experimenting.




Love this machine - bought it for my grandma as it was getting a bit hard always using the stove top one she had and she loves this machine. She's now teaching me how to preserve and I'm loving it!




I have been wanting a vacola unit for some time and this is so simple to use. Bring on the summer fruit season!




Preserving Kit
Now living in the country and growing my own produce I wasn't sure how safe keeping pickled beetroot etc would be now I have the Fowlers Vacola kit I am over the moon knowing its preserved properly like my Grand use to - some things never change thank goodness.

Anita O



Vacola Preserving Kit
Purchased this right at the end of the fruit season, having mucked around for weeks with a stove top water bath. What a dream machine - easy, quick and recommended to all. Good price and service quick too - thanks

Robyn Weidenbruch



Home Made wonder
Excellent and well proven product for all home preserves. Brings back memories of my grandmothers preserved fruits.. Great prices too!

Kym M



Light & easy
Used this for the first time last night, so light to move around and I loved being able to drain away the water with the tap. So much fun




Oh so Easy.
For many years we have used a stove top preserving pan and it became so much of a bother that I lost interest in preserving. Then we had a nice crop of beetroot and thought it was time we updated to an electric Pan. Oh what a difference. So easy to use with simple instructions and none of the heavy lifting. We are Senior Cits. so its been a real blessing and I have the urge to get preserving once again.

Linda H.

Tumby Bay SA


So simple to use, great receipes to use, have used the fig receipes with great reviews from family & friends. Easily a 5 star product! Thank you!


Canberra ACT


so easy
I can't believe how easy this kit is. Just follow the instructions and it's all done! So glad i bought one and wonder why I didn't buy one sooner.

Anne Brown



Know What You Are Eating
i am so happy with the Preserving Kit, with summer coming on I can't wait for the stone fruit to be plentiful. When preserving your own product you have control on what goes into the bottle, no preservatives, limited sugar etc. and we all need to be aware of this. Growing our own fruits as well the preserving kit enables us to make good use of the seasonal abundance.

Sandy Hartnett

Bundaberg, Qld


Such a Simple way to Preserve
I recently purchased the Fowlers Vacola Simply Natural Preserving Kit. I had been given some Vacola bottles by a neighbour as I always have a glut of produce and wanted to bottle some. It arrived in the mail just 2 days after ordering it so naturally I had to put it to the test. Well, how simple can we get. Load the bottles, fill with liquid, seal and put in the unit and fill with cold water and turn on. After an hour I had my 3 bottles that came with the unit done. It also comes with a handy preserving book which has given me all sorts of ideas. Bring on the stone fruit season. I can't wait for my Nectarine tree to over produce this year. The chooks will be lucky to get even 1 now I have my Preserving Kit.

Janelle Lyon

Broomehill Western Australia


Don't let preserving be a dying art!
Growing up my family have always kept the abundance of fruit and veg by using thier Fowler Vacola Preserving kits. As small children we helped peel, chop and de-seed fruits, stuffed them into bottles, for my Grandparents and Parents to pop into thier nifty pan. Now with small children of my own, and a kitchen specialist at a Kitchen Garden School, I too can pass on the tradition and prove just how easy it is. We are now enjoying our lovely Summer tomatoes in soups and stews, and they smell fantastic when we pop the jar open. Don't let all that wonderful produce go to waste! And don't let the art of Preserving die! It's really to simple.


Miners Rest


This was a wonderful Christma gift as I love doing jams and preserves. I have had fun getting the bottling process right but we have been eating my early attempts with no worries. I have lots of fruit trees and vegies to be taken care of and this saves my freezer space as that was my prevous option to keep our goodies for the year. Very happy with the ease of use and instructions.

Linda E

Capel WA


If your thinking about it - Do it!
I have never done preserves, nor been exposed to the art of preserving, nor am I a huge foodie, however this product IS FABULOUS. At a reasonable price, and basically idiot proof, its a great product that includes simple directions and some great recipees. I have just finished my apricots and are about to start on my peacharines! In an age where we are encouraged to 'grow your own' this is a must have.


Bruce Rock


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