De Buyer Force Blue Steel Crepe Pan 20cm

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These carbon steel pans can develop rust marks (even before use) and to remove any rust the pan can be scrubbed with a hard brush. This is not deemed to be a fault and is perfectly normal. Seasoning your pan can then proceed as normal.

Seasoning (preparing your crepe pan):
Clean the pan with very hot water and wipe it out. Pour one centimeter of oil in the pan and heat it for 5 minutes. Next, throw away the oil and wipe your pan with paper towels .The more the pan is used, the better the performance. The darker it becomes the better it is for natural nonstick properties to develop.
Savoury or sweet, crepes are always a welcome European delicacy. Why not have a dedicated pan for the creation of them?

Smaller, lighter and easier to control than a frypan, this crepe pan is something you'll use for many other foods, too.


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Crepe Pan - finally a reasonable price for induction
I have been searching for a year or more for a reasonably priced induction crepe pan finally I have one and it is as good as it needs to be, it cooks excellent crepes what more can I say!




Not too sure
I found the crepes stick even though pan has been well oiled - I followed the instructions how to season before use, but it is not quite as good as I had hoped for.


Mid North Coast NSW


This item takes the pan-cake!
Having an induction cooktop limited my choice of crepe pans and I'm so glad I found this range - I am very pleased with the quality and result from this item - next on my shopping list is the 24 or 26cm.

Kath Saward

St Ives, NSW


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