Cuisinart Ice Cream & Frozen Yoghurt Maker 2L Stainless Brushed

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The fully automatic Cuisinart makes 2 litres of your favourite frozen desserts or drinks in as little as 25 minutes. It's easy - an integrated motor, double-insulated freezer bowl and automatic mixing paddle do all the work. Results are consistently smooth, cleanup is easy, and the brushed metal styling is simply sensational.


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fantastic ice ream maker so easy
just lovely to eat your own home made icecream knowing you have no persitives in it




A little noisy but worth it, we love it.




Disappointing but does the job
As I have only ever used a self-cooling ice cream churner in a commercial kitchen this was a little bit of a let down. Having to freeze the bowl for 12+ hours ahead is inconvenient but still, it works. Very noisy machine. Have used it to make sorbet and the outcome was good. Recommended for a home cook.




Ice Cream forever
Love the machine & the recipes are spot on. Good size for home made ice cream to keep a family happy.

Roxanne Hoskinson

Gold Coast QLD


noisy and disappointing
I have had ice cream makers before and the last one a part broke which I could not replace so we bought a different machine ( as the last one was 20 years old ). This one is very noisy you can hear it out on the street and even thought I semi freeze the mix prior to putting it in it takes 40 to 60 mins to make a batch and it is only soft serve. The recipes are nice in the instruction manual




First batch made double chocolate ice-cream. The process a bit more complex than than I realised. Machine is a bit noisy but just set it up away from kitchen area. End result was thumbs up from my harshest critics the 3 gorgeous men in my life!!!

Heather Dowling



First time use noisy problem
I received this ice-cream maker in good shape. However, when I run it the first time, it is extremely noisy. Seems something wrong with the motor or gear inside. Contacted Cuisinart but not reply yet.


Bunbury WA


Great to date!
I've only had this machine a short while and only managed one batch, but wow, it worked really well. The instruction booklet says the frozen bowl will quickly thaw, but I didn't have any problems, even in this very hot summer. In fact by the time I got to scraping out the bowl, the icecream next to the sides was quite hard.The unit is fairly noisy, but I just put it in another room. I set a timer in the kitchen, so I wouldn't forget - the unit has no timer or auto stop. Next time I will have the serving bowls and container for the remainder also chilled, to stop melting before it gets to the table. Presumably smaller batches would work well (after doing the maths on the amounts of ingredients), but I suspect it would churn quicker - just have to watch it. The unit isn't too big for storage either. A quality machine.




Loved it so far
Love the machine but feel there should be something in instructions to make smaller batches than recipe, sorbet didn't thicken due to amount. Hope icecream is as yummy as my neighbours




Purchased for my daughter......such a great item to add to her kitchen. There is a little noise as the unit churns away but not as loud as the excited children waiting for it to finish! the unit when children are absent.


Taree NSW


A very simple easy to use product. Much easier to clean than other ice cream makers I have used. I like the extra capacity too. Only downside for me was that the ice-cream did not thicken evenly, but maybe I just left the mix in too long.




Love it
I have made vanilla and strawberry ice cream in my brand new Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and it was absolutely delicious. Can't wait to make my next one which will be passionfruit. All my family just love it. They all want me to try chocolate too. I didn't find the machine too noisy it was just doing it's job - just turn up the sound of the tv - simple.


East Gippsland Victoria


I was excited when the delivery arrived and couldn't wait to make my 1st batch of ice cream. After freezing the block and putting the machine together I added my ice cream mix. I couldn't believe how noisy this machine was, it even woke up my children from their sleep. I'd had an older and different brand one previously that was much cheaper than this one. I've got to say for the cost of the machine I was hoping for better quality than I got!;The noise from this machine is a big disappointment!!!!



Excellent Ice Cream Maker
Although mixer is a little bulky for the freezer, makes perfect ice cream



Love this machine; my daughter and I experiment with flavors every week (sour apple is a winner).. Easy to use, easy to clean..


Brisbane, QLD


Absolutely perfect
I love this machine. Sooo easy to use and clean. Keeps my boys happy




Finally natural icecream/frozen yoghurt relatively simply!
I'd had my eye on one of these machines for ages now and due to a fabulous special just before Christmas I ordered one straight away. Already made two batches (Choc-Mint Icecream and Frozen Berry Yoghurt with home grown ingredients) realistically it's so easy. And even though the machine is quite noisy we don't mind because in all reality it's only on for around 45 mins max and at least you won't walk away and forget about it! The only problem I have is the lack of space in the freezer to store all the flavours I'm wanting to make. Guess we'll just have to eat it more often! Highly recommend it.


South-West WA


I agree with other comments regarding the noise levels but it seems to be a small price to pay for the end result! This machine makes ice cream making very easy...too easy in fact according to our waistlines.


East Brisbane


Great Kitchen Appliance
Family is thrilled with the ice cream maker. Have made ice cream as well as the lemon sorbet. Easy to use and a decent quantity is made.




Cuisinart Ice Cream Heaven
I made my first batch of Vanilla ice cream to have with our Christmas pudding and /or Pavlova baskets and fresh fruit. It was very simple to do and the resulting ice cream got the seal of approval from diners :) I am really looking forward to concocting many other delicious frozen desserts in 2014. The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker came up to my expectations with bells and whistles :)

Liz Pallett

Devon North, Victoria


Love it.
Love it. I am going to work my way through the recipe book. Vanilla so far. WOW! Makes great ice cream.


Perth WA


Worth every penny
Since becoming lactose intolerant I've been missing my ice cream. Now I don't need to miss it anymore! I found this machine very easy to use and it makes wonderfully creamy ice cream even using coconut milk and cream. Even my picky 3 year old enjoyed it and asked for more. Some reviews I read prior to purchasing mentioned the noise, but can't say I was overly bothered by it (and I have an open plan house). I'm extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend this machine is anyone looking to buy it


Wyndham Vale, VIC


Amazing buy
We originally bought one of these from our local mall as a gift for my sister-in-law and her children. When we saw it on Kitchenware Direct for $20 less, we were kicking ourselves! But it was such a hit with my sister-in-law's family that we ended up buying one from Kitchenware Direct anyway for us, and have used it non-stop since. It produces amazing results and was delivered promptly and safely.


Melbourne, Australia


Great price & great product!
Looks good in the kitchen, can make healthy & tasty treats and is very easy to use. Husband commented that he thought it was a bit noisy, but for me that wasn't an issue.

Kellie McElligott

Fraser Coast, Qld


Easy to use.
Last summer I would have to make two batches of different flavors for my three young grandsons who came at weekends. Easy to use, makes creamy delicious ice cream and we now use cream & milk and experiment with flavors etc.


Kilsyth Vic.


an appliance that works as promised!
In the past, I have had a couple of gadgets that promised to make ice cream and both of them delivered unappetising bricks. With some trepidation I bought a Cuisinart. It works! The very first time (following hints from previous owners about making sure the bowl was deeply frozen), it produced delicious, light ice cream. Joy!

Rob Hall



Good Buy
Love this product, it has been so useful in our kitchen. Our daughter recently had her tonsils out and I was able to make her ice cream Yoghurt and sorbet. It was so easy.

Kathryn eager

Safety Bay WA


Love this machine!
Just following up from giving the husband his present. We got to use it on the weekend and christened the ice cream maker by making Coffee Toffee Swirl icecream! The texture and consistency was beautiful and creamy, it churned our custard into ice cream in 20 minutes! I sat mesmerised by the churning and watched it convert to icecream before my eyes! I have bought vanilla bean pods to make a new batch on the weekend. Will be getting many years of happiness from Cuisinart. Very quick delivery and very well packaged too! A pleasure purchasing with you guys! Will be back for more - may have to buy more bowls for more flavours!!!

Alexandra Martyniak

Canberra, ACT


Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker
Quick? Yes for the first bowl. Don't try to make a second flavour in a hurry because you can't! You are left with 5mm layer frozen solid around the bowl. You either wait an hour or so for it to soften or you wash the bowl in hot water and then you have to refreeze it. Texture not creamy, more like soft serve.




Goodbye Supermarket Ice Cream - Hello Cuisinart!!!
I purchased this for my husband and giving it to him for his birthday next week. We have also purchased dessert glasses to go with it. Cannot wait to get it up and running. I put the bowl in the freezer as soon as we got it so we don't have to waste time making icecream as soon as we give it to him!!! Goodbye Supermarket IceCream - forever!!!

Alexandra Martyniak

Canberra, ACT


worth it? yea baby!
The texture of the icecream this makes is amazing. My wife has been making icecream that is soooo good it would easily pass as the top shelf stuff you pay big bucks for but it costs us a fraction of the price. Highly recommended, no problems at all. The only thing to consideration is it's a bit on the noisey side but generally speaking it's not a problem and only needs to run for about 20 minutes anyway.




Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker
Yes the machine is very quick and easy to use. Being dairy intolerant I am having alot of trouble finding a good creamy textured recipe. Would be helpful if there were more recipes available for people like myself.

Ann O'Brien

Townsville Qld


love it
your kids will love you for buying this




I have just used, my recently purchased Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, to make my first batch of vanilla bean ice cream. Wow and Yum! Totally delighted with this machine along with the professional service and delivery from Kitchenware Direct.

Judy Kimmorely

Sunshine Coast Qld


Missing part
Makes great ice cream, but need to practice and play around with ingredient ratios and techniquue to get good ice cream. Came with a part missing and cuisinart are slow to respond.




Love it
I have used this ice cream maker so many times since I bought it, I've lost count. My family love ice cream & this is simple to use & makes great ice cream. It is somewhat noisy but as it only runs for 20-25 minutes at a time in making the ice cream, I can forgive it that fact. I think it is great value for money & so easy to use.


Hampton, Vic


Excellent product
I win the mother of the year award after purchasing this little gem. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Makes delicious ice-cream FAST and without nasty additives. Also purchased at a fantastic price and delivered to my door within 3 days. Excellent service.

Tara Hart

The Vines WA


Not just a good looking machine - great ice cream
It maybe slighty noisy, I used my own receipes and it makes the best ice cream in next to no time. Machine looks professional and an attractive bench top appliance. Love it. Rosemarie

Rosemarie Griffith

Brogo, Nsw


I bought this machine as a replacement to my smaller, cheaper model and absolutely love it. I love that you can have your icecream similar to soft serve consistency or freeze further to harden. Excellent, fast service as always. Thanks Kitchenware Direct

Jodi Thomas

Donnybrook WA


Absolute must have
I purchased this ice cream machine about a month ago and find myself making ice cream non stop. All the different varieties are great and the best thing is is that I know what goes into it so I dont need to worry about preservatives. A definite must have..




very noisy
I am not sure whether I am happy or not yet I have tried it but obviously "heavy cream" is not "dollop cream" so turned out lumpy also feel castor sugar would be best to use. Not happy that have to mix ingredients in a separate bowl before placing in ice cream maker. Not happy with price I paid now they are on big special but thems the breaks I guess.

Merilyn Dawson

Bundaberg Queensland


Just the Best
Have searched the stores for this ice-cream maker but Kitchen Direct had the best price. Love the appliance & the ice-cream it makes. Great for anybody who wants to know what's in their food. Highly recommend Thanks Kitchen Direct for you excellent service


Clermont Queensland


Great results - but there is quite a bit of motor noise
We have produced several batches of delicious icecream (coffee is the favourite so far) and love the results. However, the machine produces rather a lot of motor noise while churning. Not sure if this is 'normal' - and hope it's not going to compromise long term reliability of the machine.


Blackheath NSW


Kids love it
Easy to use, easy to clean. Experiment with all types of ice cream. The kids love it nearly as much as their mum.


Onslow WA


This is a fantastic product; well made, easy to use & best of all, we know exactly what is in the yummy nasty additives or unnecessary ingredients.




Great service
I am so impressed with the service from Kitchenware Direct. Helpful, Informative, they really go the extra mile to be sure that the customer experience is positive. Thank you! I LOVE my ice cream maker too!


Sunshine Coast, Qld


I am 100% happy with my ice cream maker. It is fun, fast and makes the most yummy ice cream. Delivery was also fast. Thanks.


Cumnock NSW


Happy purchase
All the positive and realistic reviews made me confident to go ahead with the purchase. Hubby loves the results and I am looking forward to experimenting more!

Lynda Disher

Tamworth nsw


Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker - 2 Li
Easy to use however in no reviews is there a mention that the freezer must be -18 degrees to freeze the bowl. My first batch did not work. Kitchenware Direct referred me on to a helpline which diagnosed the problem & sent me a freezer thermometer. With the freezer set at maximum, the temperature was only -12 deg. I do have an issue with the bowl being cold enough to make the ice cream. For my second attempt I left the bowl in the freezer for a week & this worked. No complaints about the machine, but it would have been helpful to know about the freezer temperature requirements before purchasing.




Making Icecream is so easy.
I never realised it was so easy to make icecream with an icecream maker. Only 20 minutes to get a soft serve consistency icecream. This is a good quality machine. I find it very noisy, so operate it in another room, behind closed door.


Bunbury, WA.


This product is well built and very easy to use. I've already made frozen berry yogurt, chocolate ice cream and lemon sorbet. It's a hit with the kids! The desserts are natural and delicious. I wish I bought one years ago. Highly recommended!


Adelaide, SA


Just love it, the kids think it is fantastic, it is so easy to use and to clean, very very happy.

Danielle Cosentino



OMG awesome
I couldnt be happier with my icecream machine... its awesome cant wait to make more... 25 mins to make ur own creamy icecream i love it ... delivery was super quick... thanks


Daw Park SA


Cuisinart Ice Cream, Yoghurt & Sorbet Maker Stainless Brushed
We love our ice-cream (especially living in hot North Qld!) and purchased the Cuisinart Ice Cream, Yoghurt & Sorbet Maker Stainless Brushed in January. We are in love it! Our kids love it because it's so easy to use they can help and the ice-cream is truly devine. I have reduced the amount of sugar to 1/4 quarter of the recipe and use light cream and skim milk. The ice-cream still tastes creamier than store-bought full cream ice-cream. I overheard our 9yr old telling our 5yr old recently that 'mummy makes the best ice-cream ever and you won't get ice-cream this good in a shop!' That has to be the best recommendation I've heard!




So far we have made 2 different sorbet's and 1 lot of icecream. Yum yum yum! So easy too.




Cuisinart ice scream maker
Fantastic machine, I love it. My daughter make vanila ice scream very delicious.

Mai Nguyen



I love it, my family loves it and so do my friends (yes I've provided them with samples!). It's great. Ice cream without any additives or preservatives - what more can one ask for really!


Mount Isa, Qld


We are a family of 7 and we all have a cup full each the kids just love it. They get home from school and its done in 25 mins, I sometimes use light cream and light milk and it just tastes the same and its healthier for you too. we just love it.


waaia vic 3637


I love my ice cream maker! I am so happy with my new machine, so quick and easy! First ice-cream I made was Rum and Raisins, husband loooooved it. Great website, great prices, prompt delivery.


Mooloolaba QLD


I received this for Christmas & have made 5 batches of ice cream so far. The responses from people about the ice cream are incredible. Words like: decadent; divinely sublime; best ice cream I've ever had; better than any in any shop; I am buying an ice cream machine. The list of comments has been fabulous. Makes me feel like I did all the work when in actual fact, Cuisinart did! Love this appliance and love Kitchenware Direct too!

Liz M



My ice cream palour
Why didn't I get one earlier. Very easy to use Grandkids love the ice cream. Gets used at least 3 times a week. It is very quiet in comparison to other background noises in the kitchen easy to clean. I bought one for my son and his children just love it


Ipswich Qld


Cuisinart Ice cream Maker
What a delight to try homemade ice cream without all the additives and preservatives. I was so impressed with the results that I ventured into making Vanilla ice cream instilled with lavender flowers and served with stewed apricots. Delicous!


Nhill Victoria


Great results!
Tried my Cuisinart ice cream maker for the first time last night. Really impressed with the flavour and texture of the icecream. I decided to go safe and do a vanilla bean to begin with but then decided to finely chop a cherry ripe and pop through in the last 5 minutes. Delicious!


Highbury SA


Easy! Real ice cream
Not ever having made ice cream before I am delighted at how easy it is. Having food sensitivities, and a family member with diabetes, we can now enjoy lots of frozen delights with no unpleasant after-effects.


Brisbane, Australia


Delicious frozen yoghurt
The frozen yoghurt was delicious. The machine was easy to use, clean and I am looking forward to trying many more recipies. I particularly like that the recipe book shows the calories per serving.


Narangba, QLD


I am addicted!!! It is so easy to use and so much fun too!! Thank you to the amazing customer service from Kitchenware prompt and efficient!!!


Bruce ACT


Great product
I have now made Ice Cream at home and at my daughters both successfully. I have just purchased a second one as I left the first with my daughter & grandkids. My freezer is old and not quite as low a temperature as desired but by almost freezing the ingredients I have made u-beaut ice cream




Love it!
Absolutely love this ice cream maker, its my new favourite appliance. We've made lots of different ice-creams but our favourite so far has been mango .... yum. The bought ice-creams just can't compare with homemade. Homemade is so much tastier and at least we know whats going into it. Sure the machine is a little bit noisy but not so much that you can't hear yourself think. And if it becomes too noisy you could always take it into another room. Overall we love this machine so much I've just bought another for my diabetic mother so she can make diabetic-friendly frozen yoghurts. It's an awesome appliance and I've got no regrets in making the purchase.


Kalbarri WA


Love this machine
Quick delivery. I've been experimenting with flavours and having fun. Made an incredible cassata for Christmas which everyone loved. I live 22 km from the nearest shop so I can produce a batch of icecream in less time than it would take to drive to town and back. Recipe book is a bit limited but a google search is inspirational. Machine is a bit noisy but I keep it in the laundry where my big freezer is, so all's good.


Denmark, WA


Nothing better than home made ice cream!
We love experimenting with making our own ice creams and sorbets and the Cuisinart ice cream maker is great - as long as you chill the bowl at the very least overnight. The few times we've only chilled it for 4-5 hours, the ice cream doesn't form very well - so, lots of planning ahead is involved! Other than that, very simpe to use and lots of fun!

Q Jeff.

South Yunderup, WA


fantastic machine, even better service!
I ordered the red one for a xmas present on Dec. 15, not really expecting it until after xmas but thanks to KWD's prompt processing (and some credit to AusPost,) it arrived a week later on the 22ND! Pretty good considering Perth to small town in far north Queensland! The cuisinart is fat and away better than the sunbeam Gelateria I suffered with for a few years

Greg R

Innisfail, FNQ


all good!
I adore my ice cream maker! Delivery was prompt and I am so happy with my new machine! Already experimenting with adding nuts and fresh berries.


Manjimup WA


Fast Delivery Excellent Results
Love this ice-cream maker - Kitchenware Direct delivered in superquick time to a country area so I could get started on icecream that I now know what it contains. Got the red one - looks excellent. I have cut back on the sugar in the recipes in the booklet - seems an awful lot and we find the ice-cream is still delicious. One complaint - our girths are expanding - moderation required methinks.








Great unit, a little loud though.
The trick to getting the most out of this unit is to make sure the bowl is fully frozen which will take at least 12 hours (no sloshing can be heard when shaken). The finished result is like soft serve. There is no need to freeze the ice cream prior to serving like I was expecting. The texture is actually firmer than I thought it would be. The only downside is that the unit is noisy. For something that simply stirs I am unsure why it could not be enginerred quieter. Otherwise a brilliant machine that by all accounts does much the same job as a more expensive compressor model.




Very easy to use
This icecream maker is very easy to set up, make ice-cream and clean. Very quick to make icecream, only takes about 20 minutes (with frozen bowl). The recipe book is handy to provide initial ideas. Very pleased with purchase.




So easy
Appliance arrived promptly. Simple and easy to operate and my family are all in favour of me making even more! I was a little concerned when I read that the machine was noisy but I didnt find it at all bad - sure it makes a noise but its certainly not bad, certainly wouldnt it let me be put off buying it - it makes ice cream making etc just sooooo easy. Great to have.

Jill Coomes

Sydney Australia


service is fantastic
ordered and received my icecream maker and on arrival it was damaged, so impressed with the service a new one was despatched before I had even mailed damaged one back, paperwork emailed so I could mail damaged one back post free. I have recommeded Kitchenware Direct to all I talk to.


Mt Waverley Melbourne


Love it!
I love the ice-cream maker, making healthier ice-cream, no suger recipes, no flops yet (touch wood)




Best Ever
Having done some research on ice cream makers, l found this one to have the best ratings and went ahead and purchased it....l have not been disappointed, so easy to use and makes the best ice cream i plan never to purchase store bought again...thanks kitchenware direct for great service and quick delivery...




Great appliance !
Love this ice cream maker. I was expecting it to be a lot noisier than it actually is ! Great communication from KitchenDirect as well.




Yum Yum Yum
With four hungry kids ice cream is a big hit in our house. We all love the ice cream that this machine makes. As long as you are prepared by freezing the bowl the night before you can have the best ice cream ever in 20 minutes. It is a little on the noisy side but we just put it in another room. So easy to use and clean. We are rapt with our purchase.


Bunbury, WA


Love my ice cream maker
the Cuisinart ice cream maker is easy to use and clean and looks nice and sleek. It made good tasitng ice cream from the first try. The only negative is the included recipe book is American so some of the ingredients need Aussie translation. Also it is v noisy for a small appliance




Great product and even better service
This was my second order from Kitchenware Direct, and I'm impressed. The ice-cream maker is great - a bit noisy, but the sorbet is excellent and the ice-cream.....well, I won't buy the commercial stuff again. I've now bought a second freezer bowl too, also from Kitchenware Direct, and the service was again excellent!! Given the time needed to freeze the bowl prior to making your ice-cream, I'd suggest a second bowl is almost essential.




What a great investment this ice cream maker was. When your 20-25 minutes is up the ice cream is very much like soft serve, in the middle of the freezer bowl, and real ice cream near the sides and bottom of the bowl. The only fault with it is that it's noisy, real noisy. Louder than my teenage son! If it wasn't for the noise I would have given it five stars. Luckily I have a power point in my pantry and make the ice cream in there, which helps reduce the decibels. I guess you can't forget you left it on with it being so loud. The mixing arm is plastic and doesn't seem too sturdy but so far so good. I also bought a spare freezer bowl so I can make up to four batches in one day, so big is the demand for fresh ice cream in my small household. The recipe booklet is great to give you ideas of what you can do with this ice cream maker and I have modified a number of recipes in the few weeks that I've had it. A little tip I also picked up from the net is that guar gum (it's used in many commercial ice creams) will stop your ice cream from developing ice crystals, which is great if it doesn't all get eaten in the one sitting, and yes, I've tried it and it works... do your own research on it though. There are pros and cons as with anything. Oh, and the sorbet is to die for!


Tarneit, Vic


Great ice cream
This machine makes the best ice cream and sorbet. What a great product. It is on the noisy side, so has to be put in another room, but it is only for 25 minutes. The only disappointment is that it doesn't come with a lid to cover the machine during the mixing process and to store the ice-cream in the mixing bowl in the freezer. My family cant get enough of the great ice cream it makes. Love this product ! Kitchenware Direct are great to deal with. It won't be the last time I'll be using this site.


Sunshine Coast


The Best Ice Cream!
OMG, I have no idea why it took me so long to purchase the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. For years I have been making ice cream by hand and generally taking up to 6-7 hrs to ensure it was beaten enough. No more! The Cuisinart Ice Cream maker has saved me so much time. I now use it weekly, sometimes twice a week and the result is as good as, if not better, than the high quality shop varieties available. I must admit I have not yet tried the recipes that came with the machine as I am busy working my way through my ice cream recipe book. The noise was a bit of a shock, but it is only for a short time :-). Kitchenware Direct, thank you for your prompt and professional service. I highly recommend this product. Thank you


Burra, NSW


Not just a flick of the switch
I bought it for our cocktail bar to make some palate cleansers. Most of the instructions suggest to add the ingredients and turn on. I expected it to self freeze, rather then to store the bowl in the freezer.




Big Hit!
Barely was the icecream maker through the door before the kids were screaming for ice cream! The hardest thing about it is waiting the minimum 16 hours of freezing time the bowl requires before you can start! Needless to say we keep the bowl in the freezer all the time, as suggested, so we can make ice cream on a whim. The recipes in the included booklet are delicious, varied and easy enough for the kids to help with. Cleaning is a breeze and it all fits together for easy storage.


Point Cook, Vic.


makes great icecream
Love this machine - have only had it a short while but have made a delicious caramel and burnt fig ice cream (a la Maggie Beer!) which was delicious and doesn't last 5 minutes with my family. My only criticism is that it is very noisy - have to put it in the spare bedroom with the door shut! ****** to kitchenware direct for the excellent service!


Palmwoods Qld


Great product, superb price!
First time user of Kitchenware Direct and certainly not the last. Prompt service and delivery, with price being cheaper than any other online or other store after researching. Ice Cream Maker is easy to use and clean. I have a son who has nut/peanut allergy with limited choice of commercial ice creams, his verdict 'this tastes better than the shops' followed by a mmmmmmmm and air waving praise! Enough said......


Glenwood, NSW


Cuisinart 2litre icecream maker
I have owned an icecream maker for 10 years. Sadly it was destroyed, along with many other appliances, during the recent Brisbane floods. The one appliance I have replaced is the Cuisinart Icecream maker - we decided we can live without home made pasta, fresh bread, blended soups, fresh juice and waffles- but not icecream ! Noise is not a problem - this machine churns heavy ingredients as they freeze - it has to make a noise ! It looks very streamlined & is simple to clean. The finished product is well churned & smooth I never occured to me to make cocktails in my previous machine so was delighted to find recipes for same included. We're thrilled with this machine & the prompt delivery of same.




Summer in Melbourne:( At least we had ice cream!
My first and certainly not last purchase from Kitchenware direct has been a great success! We have tried plain vanilla, honeycomb choc chip and mint choc chip-yum yum yum. Very simple and easy to use and clean. Little noisy but only for 20 mins or so. I use "thickened" cream and skim milk because they are always in the fridge and the icecream is beautifully smooth and creamy. Highly recommend - off now to make strawberry icecream for an after school snack:)

Peta Daher

Balnarring Victoria


Great Product
This was a first time purchase from Kitchenware Direct, and a great experience. The Icecream Maker is fantastic and so easy to use. My first attemp was a mixed berry icecream and very yummy. I used recommended sugar amount as i used the frozen berrys, but next time i will cut the sugar content back as too sweet. Can't wait to try another flavour.......... well done Kitchenware Direct


Maclean, NSW


Home Made Icecream - Yummy!
Fantastic fast service and delivery of my order. My new icecream maker arrived safely at home. The machine is a little noisy, however that would be due to the low gearing, to be able to mix the icecream as it sets ... but wow the taste of homemade fresh icecream is well worth it. For the more health conscious person, can play around with the recipes, so you don't have to have full fat. Just fantastic, I can't wait to try a sorbet!


Dandenong North VIC


Icecreamy Goodness
We bought this for a friend for her birthday, it arrived exactly when scheduled, apparently to some dancing and clapping. Needless to say the dessert at her dinner party the next week was amazing! I want my own!




Non Fattening Ice Cream
...because I don't add any sugar..only milk and fruit!..No cream, so it's relatively lo fat! A healthier alternative for someone who cannot stay away from icecream. Only problem is it takes up a lot of cupboard space, like so many appliances. If I were a designer, I would make multi function appliances, or ice cream makers with collapsable bowls!

Deborah TG



Easy purchase
This purchase went well with kitchenware direct - you do a great job. We have enjoyed our ice cream maker although still fine-tuning our methods as have used it in really hot weather and the result is more like a frozen mousse but still refreshing and worthwhile.




Who wants ice cream????
This is one of my favourite kitchen appliances. I agree that it is a little loud, but we simply set it up in the garage and it does its thing and leaves us in peace in the kitchen. Highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to make ice cream at home. It is very simple to use and makes oh so delicious ice cream and frozen yoghurt and much much more. We have purchased the second bowl also - which is great as you don't have to wait to make a second batch. LOVE IT!


Deagon Qld


Easy and Delicious
I have been wanting an ice cream maker for a while and finally got this one for my birthday. It is very easy to use and makes delicous ice-cream. The Cuisinart 3 year warranty is an added bonus as few companies seem to back up their products with a decent warranty length.The only negative I would say is that it is noisy when its churning and the bowl does take a long time to freeze, so once you've used it, you have to wait another day to make a new batch of icecream! Kitchenwaredirects service and delivery was excellent so all up very pleased.

Clare Pargeter

Boya WA


Fantastic Product!!!!! And Great service
I had forgetten what real icecream tasted like. It is very easy to make with the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, and so good to know what is going into the ice cream: real food instead of artificial flavourings. If you are going to eat ice cream at least you know what is in it.


Edithburgh SA


I Love My Ice Cream Maker!
Truly my favourite purchase this year (& this from a self confessed online shop-aholic & foodie). We have tried ice creams, sorbets, even strawberry dacquiries in our Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker without a single hitch. It pays to be organised in making your bases & cooling them down, but the machine itself could not be simplier to use - it only has an off/on switch! I love it so much I have started buying them & shipping them to my family (with the assistance of KitchenwareDirect's speedy delivery).




Fantastic Product & Awesome Service
Only used our new ice cream machine once but i am in love already, it was so easy to make and washing up is a breeze. If you have been thinking about getting a ice cream machine then look no further than the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. Also for awesome service & super fast postage you can't go anywhere else but Kitchenware Direct.




We've only used our new ice cream machine once so far but we're very impressed. The basic vanilla ice cream from the instruction book worked really well and the whole process was easy and super quick. The best part was the washing up was very simple!




Soooooooooo yummy!!
This is the first time I have purchased anything from Kitchen Direct - I am usually VERY cautious about buying online but this was a great experience: prompt service, quick delivery time and machine in perfect working order! So far I have made a chocolate and a mango sorbet - both very yummy!! I highly recommend this product - I am back to look for my next purchase! Thanks Kitchen Direct :)

Tamara Laing

Darwin, Australia


Very Happy
I'm so glad I found Kitchen Direct via Google. I first purchased the Ice Cream, Yoghurt & Sorbet Maker Stainless Brushed and the Red Just Pizza Maker and they arrived in no time at all. Both are fabulous products at excellent prices.. I'm now ordering more for Christmas Gifts!

L Emmerson

Hoppers Crossing, Vic


Fantastic appliance , great company service
This product is amazing, used twice a week so far -delicious icecream! It is effective within the 25 minute time frame to make the icecream. Delivery was prompt. I also have bought one for my daughter and will do the same for my son for christmas. A must kitchen gadget. By making your own icecream and yoghurts you know just what you are consuming.


Brisbane Qld


Makes incredible ice cream
This gadget is unreal. We've tried ice-cream and sorbet and they are divine. Who needs store-bought ice-cream? Haven't done a cost comparison yet, so I hope it's economical. The only drawback is the noise. You can hardly hear yourself speak when it's on. But we don't let that stop us. We now lock it in the laundry before switching it on!

David & Yolanda

Brisbane, QLD


Cuisinart is the Best!
I purchased my Cuisinart ice cream maker because my friend had one and raved about it. It is absolutely brilliant! Quick, easy to use and now we get to enjoy all our favourite flavours at home without spending a fortune. I thoroughly recommend Cuisinart!

Kate Lawson



Am totally impressed with both kitchenware direct and the Cuisinart icecream yogi & sorbet maker! :) Was very fast delivery. very happy with my new toy, simple to use and it's actually pretty quiet! Not as noisy as other reviews on other sites claim.




only home made Ice cream from now on
It is the best tasting ice cream, with out the nasty things in it.
It is fun making real ice cream with my grand daughters.
Every one loves it, plenty of ice cream this summer comming up.
I recomend this ice Cream, Yoghurt & Sorbet Maker to any one that would like to have real ice cream.




my grand children love it
I have only had my ice cream machine for a bit over a week, and it is great to make real ice cream from natural fruit with out any of the nasty addetives.
I also like to thank you kitchenware direct for there quick delivery, I will certainly puchas any other kitchen appliance from them.


adelaide S.A.


kids love it
great fun for the kids to get invilved in the kitchen my 3 girls love it




Love it, love it! Quick and easy and the ice-cream tastes great.


Flinders Ranges


Great machine!
Bought this in time for summer. Have made a batch of plain vanilla and it tasted perfect. Love the fact I know what's going in to what I'm eating. Looking forward to making slushies and cocktails over the hot months too. Very prompt delivery from Kitchenware Direct.




What fantastic service Kitchenware Direct offers. Received our ice cream maker very quickly and so easy to use. Fantastic that I know exactly what has gone into so no more buying ice cream! Thank you so much!

Tanya King



I'm So Excited
After receiving our Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker, you have no idea the excitement plus in our household. My husband is churning out ice cream in all flavours.................have been telling everyone how great the ice cream machine is and what wonderful service we have already received. We have'nt tried the frozen yoghurt or sorbets as yet, but all I can say is 'Bring On Summer'.

Thanks again, I'm sure we will do business again.

Mary Hopper

Narara, Gosford, NSW


I bought this wonderful ice cream maker on a Wednesday and received it on the next Monday, at every stage of the purchase i was kept in the loop about when the payment was received and when the product was shipped. The whole process was wonderful. Will be back for more purchases! The ice cream is wonderful as well, so easy to use.


New South Wales


wonder machine
After hearing and reading about the ingredients that go into commercial icecream, and after tasting icecream made in my daughter's Cuisinart ice-cream maker, I just had to have one! It is fantastic and the icecream is fantastic and the possibilities for flavours endless.
Thanks Kitchenware Direct for your excellent service.

Jocelyn Paterson

Lesmurdie W.A.


Even Better Then You Can Imagine
Something I have always wanted, but never thought I needed. How wrong I was .... so easy to use and so much fun.

Annette Robertson

Warrnambool, Vic


Fantastic! Healthy Ice Cream at Home!
We received our ice cream maker so quickly, even though we live remotely
We have made sorbets, frozen yoghurt and icecreams easily and so successfully. And they work with honey and no sugar. Great machine and well worth the investement.


Kununurra WA


Entertainers Delight
From the day of delivery which was super fast, I have made icecream in various flavours. After using it once, I was able to make up my own recipes and flavours and treat everyone. It's so easy and now my most useful appliance.

R Gray

Western Australia


Love it
This machine is great, my husband even thinks that it is my best purchase yet! Have made pistachio, strawberry ice cream and lime sorbet. All beautiful and very easy. Agree with previous review that it is a bit noisy but only takes short time. Kitchenware direct very easy and quick to deal with.




Amazing appliance
I've been wanting an ice cream maker for a long time now, and I've finally found one that is made by a reputable brand, and is affordable as well. It does its job and freezes my ice cream really well. Absolutely love it!


Melbourne, VIC


Ice cream /sorbet maker
Terrific machine that is easy to use without fuss.
My first purchase from Kitchenware Direct - but certainly not my last! Prompt service at a good price - what else could you want!




You Beauty!
After waiting for months for the Cuisinart Ice Cream Machine to become available it was well worth the wait. I have made the Vanilla, the Strawberry and Chocolate Icecreams and they are all declicious. Now I aim to become more adventurous. The machine looks great, very easy to use, stores easily. As usual Kitchenware Direct Team processed order and despatched straight away. I am a returning customer because of best service, best prices, best range of products.

Helen McDonald

Melbourne. Vic.


Enough sorbet to feed a small nation
I tried this machine out for the first time yesterday. I made ruby grapefruit sorbet and it was delicious! The machine is easy to store, clean and use. The only downside was it is a bit noisy for the 25 mins it needs to run for to make dessert. If you don't have an open plan kitchen like I do, this might not bother you! Overall a great product and I look forward to using it again as soon as I have room in my freezer for more goodies!




so creamy!
Wow this machine is easy and quick to use! Was surprised to see the longer you leave it on to churn the icecream- the thicker it gets! Was the best vanilla soft serve we ever had! Its a bit noisy tho, but the end result was worth it!




Wow, who would have thought it was this easy to make unbelievably tasty ice-cream!!! As usual, great service, prices and delivery from the Kitchen Direct team


Brisbane, Queensland


Ice Cream Heaven
This is a fantastic machine. So easy to use and makes superb home made ice cream. It's not too big for storage and is easy to clean. Bought one from Kitchenware Direct as a wedding present and the recipients are as happy with it as I am. Kitchenware Direct will be seeing me as a return customer again. Excellent service, fast delivery and great communication, not to mention the price.

Maureen Jones

Oyster Bay


Who would have thought that your own ice-cream would be better and healthier than the store bought product. Well it can be and is. Even the kids thought it was OK and that's saying something. I will and have recommended Kitchenware Direct as a fantastic place to shop. Prompt, reliable, safe and quality assured. Thank you!

Greg Goodwin



So easy
I'm very happy with my icecream maker, my husband is Diabetic and we both watch what we eat and so I can make it to our requirements without worrying about too much sugar etc.
The service was exellent as well.




cuisinart ice cream maker
Gave this as a birthday present to my son-in-law, wasnt sure if it was right gift for a 24 year old, but he genuinly loved it, although the noise gets annoying the end product is worth it.


Pinjarra, WA


A fabulous gift idea
I gave the ice cream/yoghurt maker as a gift and have been told it is the best gift ever!! Easy to use, easy to clean and great tasting recipes. If you need a wedding gift, this is a great idea. Enjoy!


Northern Beaches, Sydney NSW


I am so happy that I was recommended your website, life will never be the same again. This amazing Ice cream maker makes beautiful gourmet icecream that everyone loves!!! The delivery was amazingly fast and everything was securely packed!! Big thanks will have a loyal future customer in me!!


Alice Springs NT


This is a fabulous easy to use ice cream machine. I make a new flavor each week. Great tasting, no preservatives and a great way to use up all those broken bits of biscuits, over-ripe bananas and liquoers in the cupboard!
It doesn't take up too much space so it looks good out on the bench.




The Best
I bought this TOP ice cream maker a week ago. Had friends over for tea, made this great coffee ice cream YUM YUM what a ice cream never had anything like it before. Then made plain ice cream for my 5 year old grandson one night he licked the bowl when he finished his ice cream just brilliant.

L Lane

Newcastle NSW


Great appliance!!! - easy to use - easy to clean up - recipe book included great - make something simple or more involved - no problem!!! Our CUISINART ICE CREAM MAKER isn't a week old yet but has already made - simple vanilla icecream, simple chocolate icecream, very berry frozen yoghurt and lemon


Woodford Blue Mtns NSW


Best icecream ever!
Sick of horrible, tasteless icecream that melts on your way home from the shops and ends up icy? Then this is the product to get. After doing my research I finally decided on the CUISINART icecream maker, and not only does it look good it makes brilliant icecream. Sooooo creamy, and the recipe options are endless - in fact it's mind-boggling! Just make sure the freezer bowl is frozen properly or it won't work - my freezer took longer than the suggested. Also, very impressed with the service from Kitchenware Direct, and they had the best price too.


Adelaide Hills, SA


Fantastic Ice cream Maker!
This stylish machine arrived promptly and well packed. My first attempt at ice cream, and I was blown away at how easy and how well this machine works! Even in the Tropics!! Normally my appliances live in my cupboard, but this little beauty has pride and place on my bench! Just love it (and the service from kitchenware direct!)

Karen Smith



The bomb!
This brilliant little machine was ordered on a Thursday and delivered the next day to my amazement! The first test was to make some margaritas for friends coming over for dinner and to put it bluntly they were the best anyone had tasted (one person was an ex bar person) the next test was vanilla bean ice cream for a family do ... 2litres of ice cream between 8 people with no left overs, was silky smooth. Can't wait to make more, next I think will be frozen yogurt or hmmm maybe sorbet, decisions decisions : )

B Hendry

Perth, WA


Best item ever purchased
This ice-cream maker is so far above the rest, quality, quantity, excellent product result in very short time. And compliemented by everyone who tastes my home made ice-cream, sorbet and yoghurt. Thanks kitchenware direct for such a wonderful item at an affordable price. Highly reccomend this procuct to anyone. "THE CUISINART ICE CREAM MAKER"

Mar Read

Streaky Bay. S.A.


Great little treat-maker!
We bought this ice-cream maker after inspiration from a popular tv series. I've tried quite a few recipes from the booklet provided and I think I have produced some world class ice-creams, sorbets and gelatos. The deep dark chocolate ice-cream may not be cheap to make (I used Lindt chocolate) but it sure is decadent and extremely delicious! Forget store-bought $3 a tub ice-cream with all the additives and preservatives and go back to using good, wholesome cream, eggs and sugar to produce a treat the whole family will love. Just make sure you limit the number of ice-creams you make or you may need to put in some extra hours at the gym because they are just too irresistible!


Perth, WA


Great product, great service!
Great cuisinart product! So easy to use. It is a little noisy, but only runs for 25 mins, so really not a problem. Kitchenwaredirect provided great prices, great service and delivered to the door! Thanks Kitchenwaredirect... will be back to buy again!


Brisbane, QLD


cuisinart ice cream maker
WOW I am very impressed with this product. I received it yesterday and today I have made a peanut butter icecream and a licorice all sorts ice cream. My three kids aged 8, 10 and 13 gave it their seal of approval, and yes I also give 10/10, for price, performance and ease of use. what a great product and you dont need to buy special ingredients as they are the usual pantry items.

Julie Gunn

Traralgon, Victoria


What a find your website is! Unbeatable prices, outstanding customer service and prompt delivery. Very rare indeed - THANKYOU!


Barwon Heads, Victoria


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