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Shop online for high quality steamers & pressure cookers

Some people consider steamers & pressure cookers as retro innovations from a bygone age well more fool them! A good quality pressure cooker is a saviour in any kitchen and with new innovations in design from brands such as Kuhn Rikon and Tefal the old wives tales of exploding pans and steam burns are consigned to the dustbin. With our industry leading models you can create soups, sauces, stews and more in double quick time. Likewise a steamer is an excellent way of retaining all of the vital vitamins and enzymes when cooking vegetables, our range from Kitchen Craft and Scanpan allow you to stack up to 3 steamer pans for space saving and the ability to prep vegetables and meat or fish simultaneously. Check our Pressure Cookers Buying Guide for tips about what to look for when buying pressure cookers!