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Shop and save on frypans & skillets from Scanpan, Baccarat and more

Frying and Grilling are everyday kitchen activities, whether you're scrambling eggs, sautéing vegetables or grilling a burger you need a reliable frying or grill pan. All good quality fry and grill pans should be well constructed using high quality materials, be of an appropriate weight to allow for easy handling - particularly for when you need to toss, flip,lift and pour your culinary delights - and importantly be able to do their simple job effectively: conduct heat quickly and evenly. We've got a wide selection representing a variety of sizes, the best brands and the latest technology from Scanpan, Baccarat, Le Creuset and Chasseur. Check our Frypans & Skillets Buying Guide for tips about what to look for when buying frypans & skillets!