Bamix Deluxe Blender 180W White

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The convenience of modern technology combined with classic style comes in the Bamix Deluxe Blender! Equipped with 3 different blades and a mini-processor attachment, this handy kitchen wizard allows you to mix, whip, blend and stir with minimum effort. Included are:
  • Multi-purpose chopping blade
  • Aerating blade
  • Blending blade
  • Processor (clear version)
  • Bench stand
Designed to fit comfortably in your hand, this stick blender is powered by a quiet 2-speed motor at 160-180 watts. A bench stand holds the deluxe blender when not in use – compact and easy to store. Made in Switzerland, the Bamix Deluxe Blender's motor is covered by a 20 year warranty.


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BestBlender BestSupplier
I love this state of the art blender. Top shelf. And I love shopping with KitchenWareDirect. Use them constantly for self and quality presents.




Bamix Deluxe Blender
After using my previous Bamix blender for over 30 years, I wouldn't buy anything else! It's sits on our kitchen bench top and is used daily. Thanks for a great online and delivery service!




Great product and fast service
I have always bought cheap stick blenders and decided to get a Bamix this time. There is no comparison. Bamix is in a league of it's own. It is much more solid and powerful. I am very happy with it. Kitchenware Direct provides excellent service. It arrived within two days.




Fast and efficient
Purchased my first Bamiix over 20 years ago and it died just recently after lots of use. It's probably repairable, but no one in Darwin that I know off to to the job. My first experience with KWD was fuss free and reliable.




Favourite Kitchen Gadget
I recently had to throw away my Bamix after 30 years. Very sad. I looked at all other stick blenders and decided to buy another Bamix. Great Power, very sturdy and I love the spice grinder attachment. Love love love




Great kitchen appliance
I had my first Bamix for 30 years, it is still going well and I gave it to my son when I treated myself to a new one! I recommend Bamix stick blenders. I have purchased several times from kitchenwear direct, always have the best price and delivery is fast with emails updating on the order. Highly recommend buying from this company.


Narrogin, WA


Bamix Blender
Great blender, just what I needed! Better than any other I have used. Speedy delivery, delivery to WA is often slow but this took 2 days . Will recommend to my friends


City Beach


Best stick blender at the best price!
I've had my Bamix stick blender for years, and it is fantastic! My mother-in-law wanted one exactly the same, and after doing a lot of homework, I found Kitchenware Direct had the best price around! Very happy with the product and service!


Bentleigh, Victoria


Best Stick Blenders, they never die!
I've had my Bamix for years and it's still going strong. Bought this as Birthday gift for my adult son. It has a little more power than mine because he is also a keen cook and will really love this.

Sussan Ward

Kingsley WA


Solid Blender
My wife has had a stick blender(cheaper brand) for many years, mainly for making pumkin soup. I thought it was time to upgrade and decided to go with the Bamix. We haven't had it very long, so I can't say anything about reliability, however, it looks and feels well made. Our son has been using it to froth up his hot chocolate drinks and obviously enjoys utilizing our latest ktichen toy.




Best Hand held Blender
I have tried numerous hand held blenders but this one is by far the best. Powerful and sturdy. The small bowl attachment is really useful as well.

Jill B



It's a sturdy motor
Having had another brands hand blender for a number of years and it fell apart and the motor stopped. This one has grunt and is sturdy. Always go for the original.

Brian Boyce

St Kilda, Victoria, 3182


You can feel the quality
This is my first Bamix, replacing a cheap imitation given to me a few years back. It's clear why Bamix has been around so long, the quality does not compare. I expect like many reviews I read before I purchased, this is a lifetime kitchen appliance for me!

Priscilla Lund



Barmix Dulux Blender
Fantastic product. This machine blends chops and whips to perfection, I should have got one years ago




great stick blender
this is so handy , I use it all the time and it is very easy to clean unlike other stick blenders that I have owned




excellent product
Fantastic machine, does a great job, what did I do without it.

Carrie Carter

Cairns, Queensland


2nd Bamix in 40 years
This is my second Bamix bought the first many years ago. Very happy with this one - the larger processor unit is so very useful and it really is a great gadget in my tiny kitchen - does so many different tasks with a minute footprint.




Bamix Blender
I have had my current Bamix for 30 years and still going strong - I bought it originally to puree baby food but have used it for soups,grinding spices, mashing vegetables, chopping onions and especially love it for whipping cream. Easy to clean - straight into a glass or mug of soapy water and a bit of a whirl. Have bought one for an engagement present for a close friend's daughter.

Denise Turcinov



This is without a doubt the best stick blender I have ever owned. Highly recommend this product. It sits in pride of place in my kitchen

David Murray



Bamix Brilliant
I bought a Bamix when I first got married 35 years ago it lasted 30 years when I purchased it at ahome show the guy said mate that will last 25 years or more, to with I thought Bah Humbug. But it is easily the best we have ever had, and in the last 3-4 years I have had a few the others are noisy, they vibrate in your hand, the tips fall off, and they are difficult to clean, as some don't have a well sealed drive shaft and the water goes up the shaft into the motor. Do it Once buy Bamix

Keith Whittaker

Rockhampton Queensland


Deluxe indeed
I bought this as a replacement for a 20 year old Braun model and am not disappointed. It's quiet (much quieter than my previous one), powerful (the soup I blended seemed to go much more quickly than I was used to) and the attachments offer all that you'd need. It was expensive as a one-off cost but even if it only lasts half as long as my previous stab mixer that'll work out to $25 a year which seems like a very good deal.




Tip for cleaning
I am tempted to buy one of the Bamix units. I know they are quality because my mum used to demonstrate them in the supermarkets when I was a kid. After reading the reviews though, I noticed many saying the bamix is inconvenient to clean because the stick doesn't detach. There was a trick my mum had to use at the demonstration stand with no sink. She had a jug of warm water nearby and once the demo was over, she wizzed it for a few seconds in the jug. Saves having to take the unit to the sink, plus you can use the water in the garden instead of having it go down the drain.

Christine Riley

Upper Lockyer


A bit fiddly
This stick blender feels like it is built to last. It's heavier than the Braun ones I've had in the past. It works well but I have to say that I'm not a fan of having to take the whole unit to the sink for rinsing off - the shaft doesn't detach. Also having to put the rather small blade attachments on and off is a bit of a pain and could cause problems for someone with poor eyesight or arthritic fingers. In my opinion the system most other brands use is simpler and makes more sense.

Joy Love

Armidale NSW


Great blender!
I love this blender, very easy to use and blends so well! The little processor is perfect for baby food and dips.


Mandurah WA


the best kitchen accessary
everyone should have the Bamix, it is a must, best buy I have made and I love KitchenwareDirect. Great service and pricing - thank you

Natalie Ashcroft



A MUST for every kitchen!
I bought my mum a Barmix a few years back from Kitchenware Direct to replace an old one that had stopped working after 20+ years. I didn’t realise just how practical and versatile the Barmix was until I moved into my own home, and had to buy myself one. I use it all the time from frothing a cappuccino, to blending food. A must for every kitchen! Thank you Kitchenware Direct for making available such a quality item.




A must for every kitchen
have owned a bamix for over 30 years, (great for making stuffing breadcrumbs for Christmas) but mistakenly went to Lifeline in recent clean out. I went online to Kitchenware Direct for models and prices then visited a store to view the product. The store was unable to match anywhere near the price so I order online. How easy that was! Concerns? I like that you can call Kitchenware Direct if you have any worries. Secure? I like that Aust Post phoned on delivery to arrange secure placement of the package or to have it taken to local post office. I plan to use Kitchen Direct again.

Wendy Fry

Logan QLD


A replacement for the one I had 45 years ago (same brand), just brilliant. Plus ordering from Kitchenware Direct is one of the fastest and most efficient on-line companies that I have dealt with - both for items for myself and gifts delivered direct to friends or family. Thank you!


Kalamunda, WA


Bamix Blender
Great product. Great service. Great price. Would definitely recommend both the product and Kitchenwaredirect.


Baulkham Hills NSW


Long live Bamix
I have a 40-year old Bamix which is still working, but I thought it was time for an upgrade as the older one is 100W and the new one almost twice as powerful. I did consider some cheaper brands but they were so awkward to hold, heavy, and large, compared to the Bamix, and 40 years is a great recommendation. The new one is excellent and I do notice the increase in power - my smoothies are creamier and the lower power button is useful too. Long live Bamix. The new one will outlive me. The older one is going to a good home. The new one fitted in my old wall-mounted holder too.


Victoria Point Qld


Great Buy, Fantastic Item
I've always wanted a Bamix blender, but I have never been prepared to to pay the price. So when it was placed on special I couldn't resist it. This is my first purchase through Kitchenware Direct and it won't be my last. The item was well packaged, and it was a no hassle process. I love my Bamix and I am thrilled with how sturdy and powerful it is. Blends beautifully, makes great non-fat thickshakes, easy to use, easy to clean. I'm very happy with my purchase. It now sits on my bench for ready access and use. Thanks for a pain free transaction Kitchenware Direct.




Great Blender
Finally bought myself a decent blender and it is great. Much more power, has done everything I have asked so far. from order to delivery was quick and efficient. Thanks




One for me
Having bought one of these for each of my daughters last year for Christmas, when my old, no name handheld blender gave up the ghost I knew which one to replace it with. Love that it's so light yet powerful enough for heavy duty work. Haven't used the small mill yet as I have other appliances/gadgets for this type of work. Very handy storage for the other attachments instead of throwing them into a drawer.


Far western NSW


The best!
I had an old sunbeam, not bad but never as good as the Bamix. And the price was right too! Always very happy with my purchases from Kitchenware Direct.


Currumbin Valley


Very happy
I'm very happy with my Bamix , it is so quick and easy to use without all the extra cleaning. Would not be without one. The service and delivery from Kitchenwardirect was excellant.


Nambucca Heads


Robust Quality
Being a Chef for over 40 years, I have found Bamix to be of excellent quality and of sturdy construction. The attachments make this item, a really versatile piece of kitchen equipment.


Redcliffe, Qld


Favourite Kitchen Appliance
Have always wanted one and will always have one! Such a reliable and powerful blender that is perfect for so many different uses. Comes with all the blades and the processor is great to use. You might think why? I think why not!!!




recommend, but food for thought...
Purchased Bamix as I seem to go through others about every 2-3 years, but use them a lot (have 5yo,3yo and 11mo). Also use for pestos, smoothies, and healthy sorbet (frozen berries blitzed). Very powerful and easy to clean, but I find the clear processor a bit small. I used to do pastry in the last one which was handy, and struggle to get all the ingredients in for pesto. Would recommend with that in mind.




A logical choice
Looking for a 21st present for my niece - getting her a Bamix was a no-brainer. I've had mine for 15+ years and she's always happy to use it when she visits us. The price available through Kitchenwaredirect could not be beaten anywhere plus there was no postage charge. Promptly delivered within 5 days, too. Thanks.


Lake Macquarie


Wouldn't be without one
Last forever these mixers...1st one was 25years + had to buy another as no other hand held would do the job. Love them easy to use....easy to clean

G Lemmon

Cairns QLD


Very happy
I am very happy with this product!!!




No other choice
My wifes first Bamix lasted 25 years so when it finally stopped working it was an easy choice, the new one performs great.


Hervey Bay


Brilliant Bamix!
Just purchased the new Bamix Deluxe Blender and it certainly lives up to our expectations. We have tried about four different blenders during the last 10 years, the last one the blade broke off in the soup! Our Bamix is now fixed to the kitchen wall ready to use! Love it! Should have bought one ten years ago!


Perth, WA


Ive had my eye onn a barmix for years.. its the best kitchen tool ever! The delux model also has the handy stand which keeps it on the bench without taking up much room! I love my new Barmix!!!!


Darwin NT


Had one for many years, but alas it was worn out. Just had to have a new one, Barmix are the best!


Dubbo NSW


Much needed Bamix
My last one worked hard for 25 years. Hope this one lives as long.




Nice Gift
Bought this as a house-warming gift for my son as he uses mine all the time. He can't wait to move!!


Hunter Valley


Little Magic
I always wanted a bamix, and now I've got one. Fantastic tool to have in your kitchen, easy to use, very powerful, and extremely quick to clean.




Bought one for my mum as a present for her new kitchen. Very quick to blend and whip. And Quiet!! Blended some soup and didn't wake the baby in the room next door. Coulldn't do that with the old one.


Perth, WA


bamix blender
good quick service very happy with product

kerry dunn



Need to have - Kitchen Appliance
Having a stick blender makes whipping up milkshakes and creamy pumpkin soup a breeze. I do own a food processor, however why bother with all the cleaning, when all you just need to do is rinse the bamix under the tap! Great product and easy to use.


Dandenong North, Victoria


Bamix Deluxe Blender 180W White
Having already owned an old bamix i purchased a deluxe model from kitchenware direct last year. Was greatly impressed so i purchased another for my youngest daughter as a surprise. She was rapt.

Cathryn Gibson

Yugar QLD 4520


The Perfect Product
I have wanted a Bamix for a long time and can't believe I have waited so long. Firstly, the efficiency of Kitchenwear Direct is commendable - what a great way to shop. My Bamix not only looks fantastic sitting on my bench ready for use at any time but does just what I wanted it to do - Save me time. This would have to be the most useful, efficient, elegant and practical kitchen tool I know of. Well done Bamix. I love it


Hobart Tasmania


Bamix Deluxe Blender
What more can I say other than fantastic product, fantastic price & fantastic service. Thank you Kitchenware Direct one of the best on-line services I have found. I have recommended this product & your site to all my friends & family. Keep up the great work.




As a chef, I use this machine day in & day out at work. I recommend the bamix in your home kitchen




My second Bamix!
After 37 year with my first Bamix, I have upgraded to the two speed model. Son and daughter-in-law is thrilled to receive the old model, which is still going strong! I will not outlast my new model at this rate! One of the best and most reliable products on the market.




I love my bamix. I previoulsy had one and to update. Your service was prompt.




The Best!!
I was given a processer and slicer from my mother over 15 years aga and then the blender (after much hinting from my partner 10 year ago. Can't you tell I am a Bamix fan? The best kitchen equipment ever! I swear by the product.




I could never understand all the hype around Bamix blenders.....that is until I finally got one!! This product absolutely runs rings around other brands. I have had 2 previous blenders both of which have lacked the power of my new Bamix. It's a durable blender, super easy functionality and looks good as well. So far I've used it for soups, dips, smoothies, purees and sauces - I have honestly barely used other kitchen appliances since getting this product. Comes HIGHLY recommended.




Bamix blender
We bought a Bamix Blender over 20 years ago which has given us very good service, now we decided to purchase a new one. Buying the best being the 180w De Luxe model we are sure it will give us good service and see out our lives to the end. Excellent product.

Ken Bibb

Hervey Bay Qld


Fantastic machine
I absolutely love this product. I need to use a blender at least once a day and often twice. The Bamix handles this level of intensive domestic use easily (although I have yet to own it for years, I have heard that these machines stand up well to long-term use). I'm able to make smoothies and soups as smooth or chunky as I like and the dry chopper is simply amazing! I can make my own nut meals finer than shop bought in seconds. I know this sounds like Bamix have paid me to write this but I'm seriously impressed. I haven't touched my regular blender or food processor since I got the Bamix a month ago. And so easy to clean - a major bonus for me using it several times a day sometimes. KitchenwareDirect were extra speedy in delivery too - no problems there. All worth every cent I paid.


Sydney, Australia


Bamix is Streets ahead of th rest
We have bought a second Bamix blender due to the great functionality we get get of them. Easy to use, they work, and they are easy to CLEAN

Mike Webb



Soooooooooooooo pleased with my purchase - this was so easy to order and it is a great product, love using it and it stays within easy reach on the kitchen bench!


Glen Iris


Came in Handy
Came in very handy Christmas Eve for whipping together cheesecakes.


Greenbank QLd


Bamix one good product
I've used allot of stick mixers but never like the bamix it's amazing , i would recommend it to anyone and be assured that they will love it as much as i do .. Thanks again Bamix truly one good product ...

Shirley Condon

Mackay ,Qld


From start to finish it was excellent service. Delivery was prompt and well packed. The product was a great price and that is why I chose this company to buy from after a thorough investigation of other sites. I would not hesitate to recommend this site to others.




Bamix is the Best!
I had my old Bamix blender for over 20 years, and when it finally gave way I just knew I had to buy Bamix again. After all, how many appliances do you honestly get 20 years of quality service from? Thanks Kitchenware Direct for an unbeatable price on all your Bamix blenders and amazing service!

Cheryl Jones



Amazing value
I am so amazed with what Kitchen Direct offer!! Great value and really fast service. We are going to a wedding and the mono bamix was on the list for $289 at a 'major retail shop'. I looked at Kitchen Direct and found that I could get the Bride and Groom the model up with more attachments, a faster motor and cheaper!! How good is that! I cant see me shopping anywhere else now. Thanks Kitchen Direct

Deb Baker

Sunshine Coast, Qld


So much more than a blender
Bamix leaves other blenders in the shade. Mayo from scratch ~ 10 seconds. Grated beetroot ~ 10 seconds. Don't waste your money on cheaper blenders. Wish I had bought Bamix years ago.

Jacqui Ryan

Freshwater Qld


Bought the original when it first came out replaced it due to being lost when we moved interstae about 20years ago. use it at least once every day and it is still going strong, all my girls have one andl love it..




Well worth the extra
I've bought three cheaper stick blenders over the last couple of years that have all popped their mortal coils in smoky fireballs. If I'd have been less cheap in the first three cases I could've saved myself a lot of money in the long run! I use my stick blender once or twice a week, my new bamix deluxe hasn't missed a beat in six months!




I am so glad I bought the Deluxe Bamix. I wish I had bought it a long time ago, but now that I have it, I am having a ball with it...Thanks so much

Beverley Watson

Nambucca Heads


Great Buy
Purchased this for a wedding as it was a wish list item. Great value from Perth to Sydney - no shipping and it was at least $50 cheaper than anywhere in Sydney! Will buy from this site again. Couple ecstatic!

Christine Denise Crossingham



Many years ago I received this produce as an anniversay gift. My daughter got engaged and since I found it so awesome I bought her one. She thinks its the best thing since sliced bread. Great service, thank you very much.

Francesca Freitas



Very happy
We were only going to buy the basic Bamix but decided to fork out for the 'deluxe'. Boy are we glad we did! It is just. so. useful.




Brilliant Product
The Bamix is wonderful. It is so versatile and just so compact. It has all the power of a larger mixer and can definitely hold it's own. So many pro's, wouldn't know where to start!




Great product.
My old Bamix stopped working quite a while ago, so my new one is much appreciated. You can't beat it for all the blending, chopping, grinding jobs that you want to do quickly and efficiently. An appliance that is well worth having!




A Must Have
I've been using my mum's Bamix since I was little. It's been in the family for about 20 years and still works the same as when it was pulled out of the box! I've moved out of home and have purchased my own. It will be so handy for pureeing my baby's food. I hope my kids treasure it as much as me. No other brand stands up to the Bamix!

Rachel B

Canberra, ACT


Best Appliance Ever
My grandmother gave me a Bamix when my first child was born 20 years ago and it has had so much use. I originally only used it for blending baby food, but have found so many other uses over the time and would highly recommend it to anyone working in the kitchen. Just the BEST...thanks Bamix

Debbie C

Leeming WA


So easy to use
Amazing product. Works so well and is very easy to clean.


Attadale, WA


Time Saver
I have saved so much time using this little beauty! It is so versatile with all the attachments.

Karlie Williams

Kununurra, WA


The Best Stick Blender
I love it - fits into the smallest container to do blending, and takes up so little storage space. Great service - only takes about 5 days for delivery to Nth Qld.

Cath Morgan

Bowen, QLD


Briliant Bamix
I bought a Bamix stick blender over 15 years ago and treasure it as my best kitchen appliance. I've bought them for wedding presents and for each of my kids as soon as they've left the family nest, knowing that they'll find it indispensable too! The Bamix blenders really are brilliant!

Elsebeth Petersen

Moss Vale, NSW


Happy daughter
great product so many uses love this sight buy all my daughters bday and xmas pressies here she loves to cook and just keeps sending me wish lists products here in no time. SUPER

Lyn Dewhurst

Perth. W.A.


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