Marcato Atlas Electric Pasta Machine

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The #1 Most Popular Pasta Machine in the World Is Now Available with a Motor for Even Better Results!

With interchangeable rollers and cutters for making different kinds of noodles, the Marcato Atlas is the most versatile pasta machine money can buy and its now available with a motor. Its legendary reputation, however, comes from its durability and its ease of use. An elegant machine with a quiet and powerful motor, the flat rollers and cutters can easily be removed.


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Marcato Atlas Electric Pasta Machine
Absolutely delighted with my machine. Would recommend to anyone, especially if they are a little disabled like me and can't turn the handle on the manual machine. Thanks for another product that will be well used.

Dianne Caswell

Ellen Grove


Very Happy
Am in love with my new pasta maker - it's a dream to use and fresh pasta is so delicious, will never buy store bought again!




Why did I wait so long?
Best kitchen appliance I have ever bought. We never buy pasta anymore. Easy to use and clean.Fabulous




Great pasta maker
Easy to use and clean. Makes great pasta. Highly recommended.




you'll never buy pasta again
This is the best machine ever! Fresh pasta is so easy to make now and once you make it, you can never buy it again from the supermarket. Best way is approx 1 egg to 105 grams of "00" grade flour, mix in a blender until granular. Best money you will ever spend!

Leigh English

Perth WA


I was dissapointed with this machine, I have tried using it twice now and both times the pasta clogs up and I end up doing it manually.

Shani Clarke

Perth WA


Tasty home made pasta goodness
Making pasta with the Marcato Atlas Electric Pasta Machine is a breeze. The best part of having a motorised pasta maker is one person can make the pasta dough from scratch and man the machine. I think it made the best pasta I have ever tasted. I am looking forward to experimenting more with Italian food with my Marcato. I will definitley be back for extra attachments!

Catherine McNaughton



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